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Posted by Vaughn Rhoades at May 4, 2019 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

  El Molino Baseball

Welcome to El Molino Little League

Opening Day is April 2, 2016 celebrating our 50th year!
Join us for the pancake breakfast fundraiser from 8-10am
Ceremony from 10-11am
Picture Day 8-3:30pm

If you are interested in being a sign sponsor, please contact Michelle Carstensen: 



  WE NEED YOU!!!!!!

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we want you posterOur non-profit League depends solely on help from PARENT Volunteers. We have a wide variety of needs. No job is too small. Let’s help make this season a rich rewarding experience for our kids!!!!!

El Molino Little League

P.O. Box 775

Forestville, CA 95436

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Posted by Heidi Flint at Nov 9, 2012 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Greetings baseball fans!


November is here!




Panda escapes from San Francisco and eats the Tigers!


Boy how about those Giants! What an amazing season they had. I am pretty sure that we were all a little disappointed that they didn't bring the final games back to San Francisco so we could have watched just a little more baseball this year, but congratulations to the new WORLD CHAMPS again!.


So officially the baseball season is ended, but with the great weather we can all be out playing catch with our kids and having some pick-up games at the Forestville Youth Park.


Speaking of Forestville Youth Park, we have a couple of great guys who have stepped up to the plate to take on the task of being field managers. Thanks to Jason Winamaki for stepping up for the Major field and Tony Groves for stepping up for the Minor field...good luck guys and if you need help let us know. We are still in need of more volunteer field managers, please call Glen Fricker or Fred Von Renner for more details


Holy cow! Don't forget about the Grand Slam Event at Holy Ghost Hall on Saturday November 10th, 5-11pm come enjoy the fun. Great food, great fun and bring a kids because we do serve alcohol!


November brings to mind that we are only a month away from our first registration for our spring baseball season. It looks like right now that we will have early registration Thursday December 6th and Saturday December 15th. You should be getting your flyers in the mail, and through the schools pretty soon. Remember that early registration does couple of things. One is that it helps us define the teams, and the ability to contact managers earlier and get a better start on the season, AND it is a $10 savings for you. Think of it this way, where else can you get front row seats to phenomenal baseball for around $5 a game?


Remember that the El Molino Little League Board meets the first and third Monday of every month at 7pm. Don't be shy, come and find out what the League is doing so that you can get a good start on the upcoming season.


Speaking of getting our coaches and managers in line for the upcoming season...One of the highlights of any parents life is teaching our kids. We always look for quality managers and coaches. The time you spend with these kids will be some of the best of your life. Watching those kids play, teaching them not only baseball skills but life skills as well is a reward you just can't find at Best Buy. Come join the fun and help with a team, or step up into the big shoes and manage a team. There is so much information on line of how to coach, and the league will train coaches and managers to succeed!


There are so many ways to support the League and make the upcoming 2013 Little League Baseball season yet another success. Find out more by contacting the board at and getting more information. Included in your registration package are places that you can specifically volunteer, and we sure do like to see all the folks come out during that spring weather just around the corner and watch some ball and help make this one of the best Leagues around!


Has anyone seen Tommy Niclaes? If you do, talk to him about becoming an umpire. Quality umpires are hard to find. It takes real guts to stand behind that plate and make the calls that count. We have a cadre of that special breed but are always looking for a few good umps to fill in the slots. You could be one of those special, chosen few. We train you, feed you and dress you up, nothing better than that!


Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


Scott B. Zeigler

Vice President El Molino Little League


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Posted by Allison VanRillaer at Feb 14, 2012 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )


Each and every parent should be willing to volunteer some time for our youth to have a quality baseball program. Just so nobody can say "I don’t know what to do", here are some volunteer positions to help out the league!



• Team Parent

Responsible for the organization of the team "off the field". Duties include scheduling parents for concession stand duty, raffle ticket duty,  Also informing everyone about picture schedules on opening day, Last, but not least, planning the after season party, and arranging gifts for the coaches and manager. Some teams have more than one person as team parent.   

• Field/Grounds Maintenance

Please contact Fred Von Renner if you have some time to contribute to the maintenance of our grounds/fields.  ( or call him at 479-5138!

• Scorekeeper

Keeps the scorebook for the team. No experience is needed as we have a scorekeeper’s training clinic (see the Calendar). Almost everyone that has been a scorekeeper has said that it has improved their appreciation and understanding of the game.   

• Umpires

Are responsible for enforcing the rules of the game. The teams provide the umpires for the games. Generally, it is the managers and coaches that umpire, but it doesn’t have to be. Some leagues hire umpires, If you have ever thought an umpire made a bad call, then it’s time for you to volunteer and make the right call. You can get all the training you need at the umpire clinic (see calendar). Standing behind the plate is the second best seat in the house. Only the catcher has a better view.   

• Concession Stand Volunteers

Are responsible for working at the concession stand (our league requires 2 shifts per player) when their team is assigned concession stand duty. Feel free to sign up for an extra shift any time or just come in and volunteer!! :)

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Mid Season Update

Posted by geoff cirullo at May 7, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The Season is off to a great start with the 3 Major division teams playing all comers from around the District and from what I can tell they are having a blast. 

We've had a few safety issues such as kids riding on trucks dragging the field, bats outside the dugouts, etc...Please review your safety manual -one is in the snack shack - and ask any umpire or board member if you have concerns.  The good news is no broken bones, heads, etc.  Keep up the good work!

The snack shack is going strong as the new colored Gatorade appears to be a top seller.

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Try Outs

Posted by geoff cirullo at Jan 9, 2007 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Try Outs are going to be January 27th and February 3rd.

Draft Night is February 3rd after the tryouts!!!

Have fun and show your stuff!