Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Posted by Matt Covati on Oct 11 2007 at 05:00PM PDT

Q: At what age a child join LYSA baseball/softball?
A: Boys and girls who reach age 4 by Dec 1 of the current season may join tee-ball. Girls softball starts at age 4.
Q: Can my child register even though he/she has never played baseball or softball before?
A: Yes. LYSA in-house baseball/softball is open to all beginner players that meet the league age requirements.
Q: When does the season start?
A: Teams begin practice after April 1 and the first game is usually scheduled for mid-April. Managers will contact parents and players no later than mid-March. The season usually ends in mid-June.
Q: How many practices are there?
A: Each team usually practices 2-3 times before the season begins. Once the season starts, practices are scheduled at the coach's discretion, but field availability limits practice during the season.
Q: How many games will my child play?
A: Each team generally plays one weeknight game and one game on Saturday. A team may have more than two games per week when rainouts are rescheduled. Teams in playoff leagues (ages 8 & up) play 12 games per season.  Teams in non playoff leagues are usually scheduled for 1 or 2 more games.
Q: What time do games start?
A: Weeknight games start at 6 p.m. and most coaches want players to arrive one-half hour before game time. Saturday games are scheduled anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Q: Where are the games played?
A: Games are played on Longwood school district fields and some Town of Brookhaven fields.
Q: Do I have to buy any equipment?
A: Players need to provide their own baseball gloves and it is recommended that they buy baseball shoes with rubber cleats.
Q: Are there any restrictions on equipment?
A: Yes. Bats must be Little League or Youth League approved and must meet weight-length requirements that may be imposed in the older divisions. Metal cleats/spikes are prohibited.
Q: What does the registration fee pay for?
The fee pays for the uniform (which players keep), trophies, team equipment, insurance, umpire costs, and other adminstrative expenses.
Q: Will my child get a chance to play?
A: Yes. The batting order includes every player and rules require that no player sit on the bench for two consecutive defensive innings.
Q: Can my child play with his friends on the same team?
A: LYSA only places siblings together when they play in the same division. LYSA does not normally give preference to any other requests for team placement.
Q: I volunteered to be a manager or a coach. How will I be notified?
A: Individuals who want to be a manager or coach will be reviewed by the LYSA baseball board. Once approved, they will be notified in Dec or January by the league director. Many managers request certain coaches, we will do our best to place these coaches with that manager. All volunteers will be subject to a criminal background check to help ensure the safety and well-being of our participating children.

Q: What does "league age cutoff date" mean?
A: The league age cutoff date is a date that is used to determine what age group a player will participate in. If the player is a certain age prior to that date, that player will be placed in an equivalent age group. For example, say the cutoff date is 12/1. A player's birthday is 11/30/06. This player's league age would be considered to be 8 yrs old and would be placed in our 8 yr old AAA division. If the player's birthday was 12/2/06, this player's league age would be considered as 7 yrs old and would be placed in our 7 yr old AA division.


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