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Posted by Frank Young on Jun 20 2016 at 05:00PM PDT

CC Bruins

I got a chance to look at Creighton, LJ, and Will play against GATA. The team is really put together well. You have some Bigs and you have some guards they only piece I see missing is those 6 ft type of players. To me Creighton needs to hit the wieghts hard starting the end of July, Aug, Sept, and Oct. The reason why I am saying this most guards his size is really quick. As a scoring pg he is kind of slow. I think he will have problems with those guards that can pentrate the basket. If he gains about 10-15 my pounds of muscle he will be an explosive scoring gaurd. 

As for LJ it was really nice to see this guy back into action. Last year he was a player that I truly like what he brung to the table but just like Creighton he get on the same weight program. LJ made huge shots coming off the bench for the Bruins. He finish the game strong. He played very solid. The thing that I like most was how strong he was with the ball. He has some strong hands for a guy that does not play pg.

Will has a body that could get him into college. Will moves in the paint needs to catch up with his body. Drop step, reverse pivot, jump shot from 15ft, and jumping ability all needs improving. Defense is good.

Coach of the Bruins is a really good coach. He just kept telling his boys to battle. While at times he made major adjustments with was a well coach game. As a player the  only thing you can ask from your coach is to put you in a position to be successful.

This game went into overtime

GATA #20 tried to be slick. CC Bruins down by 1 with 13 sec left clock is still running. #20 tap the ball away from him that way the clock could run. Here is what he forgot. Once the ball is at his disposal he now has 5 secs to get the ball in bounds. 5 sec was call with about 4 secs on the clock.  LJ then got the ball atack the basket and was foul. He made 1 to tie it and miss the game winning freethrow. OT...

OT was all about the West Oso boys  Creighton and LJ. They took over the game GATA never could recover 


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