Turk Resigning Smells Fishy

Posted by Frank Young on Jun 22 2016 at 05:00PM PDT

Before I go off the chain, I want to make sure all of you know a couple of simple things. First thing is this, I have not spoken to any members of either party thats involve with the profound madness of sadness that is being displayed with the West Oso athletic department. I have not spoke with Turk either. But like my grandfather always told me " A DEAD CLOCK IS RIGHT TWICE ADAY."

My opinion on Turk is simple. I think he is a man that cares about kids and that he loves to be able and say I told you so. With these characteristics how can a coach just all of a certain Resign. I see first it was not about the kids that made him do it, because Coach Turk was simple bringing back the same players. So that is not the answer. Maybe it was the money. In my opinion I think he was happy but fighting with that from a personal standpoint because every 361 basketball coach knows that he / she will not get paid fairly from a Stipen Standpoint. Maybe it was from the position/ title? There is not many of educators that has the certs that Turk has on the West Oso campus. I know for a fact and you can find out this information to by looking it up on a website that he was a treat to a lot of folks in the West Oso admin position. Im just saying this could be a factor. Lastly maybe it was because of Turk CBS NCAA story that made him an star in Indiana and here inTexas as a coach that overcame a lot of life challenges. But even if Turk mention it or thought it he deserved to be treated better then the treatment he recieved by the powers to be. How can you do this to a Winner? I ask this question in only defense of my 1940's -1970's people that fought things like this.

West Oso Board Members- you should be a shame of yourself.  But something tell me that you don't care. You owe it to the community to do the right thing. What happen to Turk at graduation was BS to the highest degree. What happen to those other coaches in the past was more of the same. But what is still allowed to go on right now, including with all the things from the Sup, AD, former Principal, lack of instrutional financial control is all on you. So why all 5 or 7 of you get off your a$$ and do something thats right for a change. Stop passing the bs down because truly most of your hire HELP do have it in them to recoginized $hit from Shinola.  But here is what I would do.

Supt- she has to go. Just let this sit here for a moment..... Does this lady make the job better for the lowest performers in the district. A school district your size most Supts now most of the staff. I bet she does not know the lady in the cafertia as well has the teacher thats teacher Earth Science. They way she handles the funds its observed. The AD at West Oso is getting paid as if he is doing 2 jobs. From the way his record looks like either you had to be en having a generous day so he could get that Head Coaches Stipen. You should be fire just by his contract.

AD- he probably should not be fire as a coach but being an AD, I know Turk was more qualified for the AD position. But lets just say Board Members not doing the right thing again.

So how did we get to this point. Maybe it was the letters that concern parents sit in. Maybe it was the suspension during graduation. But the onething I love about Turk he was a man that stood for something great . Before he bow down he Resign. Strangely how quick West Oso got a new coach. I let caller handle that. So when I tell you a cook dead fish may taste good but after you are done eating you still smells like FISH



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