June Jam

Posted by Frank Young on Jun 20 2016 at 05:00PM PDT

Glory Boyz played in the June Jam  They went 3-0 pool play lossthe first game in bracket play.  This team must find a way to understand that they must have me against the world approach. After every 25 pt loss they always make excuses.  The Coach, and Players must stop that nonsense and play hard every time out.  I mean crying to me about a 1 point loss is totally different. Hell you manage to go through pool play underfeated. Its been times when I saw you guys up by 19 to only when by 3 or 10. The real teams would have open that thing up to 25-30 with a running clock. Stop complaining and play. Stop bragging and play.

The most commerical thing I heard was that no 361 team has came down here (Houston ) and won. I remember when those Willie Harper team , I remember Leon teams did it twice. Hell just last year Rob and myself brung a group down and got to the championship game. Coaches musts take owner ship not only when the team wins but most importantly when they lose as well. But Players must take pride in there play on the court.

About the 1st game. The first game started off very ragged for the Glory Boyz. I mean players came on the floor jacking up 3's like the opposing team had 5 7'fters on the court.  Team Fort Worth jack up a couple of 3's but like fools goal they made their shoots.  

Teams then made subs and this is when the subs came in to take over the game. Eddie Rod of Miller toook the challenge of stopping the pg of Fort Worth. Eddie did most of his damage in the paint creating AND 1 opportunities for himself and teammates. The Floor General Tango from Goliad settle the team down to truly take control of the game. Drake from Miller also made perfect kick out passes from about 60ft from the basket for EZ lay ups.  The second team clearly won the game for the Glory Boyz.

Game 2

This game was full of drama. This was one of those Adidas Teams that got hammered at the final 7sec.  First thing is this you never allow kids to keep the score and the clock. You are asking for problems. Next thing was this, if a ref holds up both hands then this means 3 pt basketball is good in basketball. In Football this means Touchdown. Glory Boyz scire the last 5 pts in the final 20 secs on the clock to when the game With :20 left down by 3. 63-66 Mane from Beeville hit a three. Adidas then miss a bad shot with 15 secs left. Eddie then drove to the basket for the game winning lay up.


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