Posted by Bob Liles on Oct 03 2008 at 05:00PM PDT

AYSC is primarily used by three youth sports organizations: Antioch Little League, Delta Baseball League and Delta Youth Soccer League.  However they do not use the complex every day of the year.  There are periods of time between the baseball and soccer season when the complex is not used.  Also it is not used on holidary weekends, like Labor Day and Memorial Day.  Also fields are normally available on Fridays, Sundays and early on weekdays before practices or games start.

 If you want to rent AYSC for a tournament, for a clinic or just as a practice site for your team then please contact Bob Liles at (925) 754-4247.

Here are the rules for any organization that rents AYSC:

No smoking anywhere in the complex, even in the individual’s car.

No tobacco products.

No alcohol.

No drugs.

No dogs, cats or any animals.

No modification of any of the AYSC fields, buildings or structures.

No littering.

No selling of any food if the snack bar is open.

No solicitation using AYSC’s name without prior written approval by the AYSC board of directors.

No purchase in AYSC’s name without prior written approval by the president of AYSC.

No use of weed killers.

No use of any poison.

No use before dawn or after dusk.

No golf.

No posting of any signs, except league informational material about the size of an 8-1/2 X 11 in the dugout.

No parking in any area that is not clearly marked as a parking spot.  All cars that are parked in red zones, striped zones, the concrete walkways, handicap zones without a handicap sign and in no parking zones will be towed


Users must:

Have on file prior to any use:

            A.  List of League's Board of Directors - Name, Address, Telephone No., E-mail, Cell Phone No.

            B.  Certificate of Insurance - in good form - naming AYSC as an additional insured

            C.  A Current Insurance Policy with coverage and insured Level - acceptable to AYSC.

            D.  Schedule of games, practices and any other use at AYSC

User groups that are not affiliated with AYSC, must pay 50% of their suspected fees before any use.

The remainder must be paid within one month of the usage.  They will be charged a 1% penalty fee for every month that they are late with the fees.

Pick up all trash before they leave, even if it was there when they got there.

Clean the trailer within two days of using it.  This means removing all trash and vacuuming the rugs.

Put recyclables in the proper container.

Leave the field in better shape then they got it.

Must inform their families of how to use the east and west parking lots.

Must promptly report to AYSC anything that is broken or any problem at the facility.

ALL REQUESTS from any user for /or concerning AYSC maintenance, security, facility - are to be made in writing and submitted to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS for their determination and resolution - NO EXCEPTIONS




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