STBA Lottery Fundraiser

Posted by Ron Fusco on Jun 26 2017 at 05:00PM PDT

Current Winners - The winners June 1-June19, please pick up you winnings at the concession stand!  For the winners June 20-current, you can pick up your winnings beginning Wednesday, June 28th at the concession stand.


Thurs, June 1-Mike Gerthung

Fri, June 2-Perry

Sat, June 3-Cody Rakoff

Sun, June 4-Marci Felasco and Erin Foster

Mon, June 5-Nancy Colella

Tues, June 6-Ms. Amanda Rogenski

Wed, June 7-Bob Ortz and Judy Emelko

Thurs, June 8-Randy Lesnak

Fri, June 9-N/A

Sat, June 10-Jack Jacobsen and Sue McTigue

Sun, June 11-Carolyn Barnes and Caldwell

Mon, June 12-Justin McMannis

Tues, June 13-Mike Gerthung

Wed, June 14-Amanda McMannis

Thurs, June 15-Keith Douglas

Fri, June 16-K. Gentile

Sat, June 17-Ben Gear and Erin Sun

Sun, June 18-Amber Bicek and Abrah Swansiger

Mon, June 19-K. Gentile 

Tues, June 20-Sunny Sneddon

Wed, June 21-Brian Geiss

Thurs, June 22-Debbie Sahli and Fred Hicken

Fri, June 23-Sean Mallon

Sat, June 24-George Conrad and Drew Verbosky

Sun, June 25-N/A

Mon, June 26-Erica Nalevanko 

Tues, June 27-Blackburn

Wed, June 28-N/A

Thurs, June 29-N/A

Fri, June 30-N/A 


Thank you all for your support of STBA!! 


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