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U-8 Rules of Play

Posted by Ben Schenkel at Jul 17, 2012 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

U-8 Rules

Ball Size
Game Length 4 - 10 minute Quarters
Referee  1 or 3 referee system
 # of Players on Field  7
Goalie Yes, new each quarter
Substitutions Any stopppage at ref descretion 

1-2 on sideline, 1 behind goal 

Offside No 
Throw-in  1 retry on illegal throw
Direct Kicks  No, another player must touch ball for goal to be socred
Goal Kicks Yes, opposing team must be at midfield 
Free Kicks  Opposing team must be back a distance equivalent to radius of center circle 
Kick-back to Goalie  Rule Not enforced 
 Kick-off Can go in any direction 
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Marietta's Traveling Soccer Program

Posted by Ben Schenkel at Jul 15, 2012 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )




U8 Boys Academy

Jason Hill - Head Coach

U9 Girls White

Ben Schenkel - Head Coach
Amy Mendenhall - Assistant Coach

U9 Boys Green

George Threatt - Head Coach
Rick Koscho - Assistant Coach

U10 Girls Academy

Ryan Elliott - Head Coach
Bill Mannix - Head Coach
Chad Rinard - Assistant Coach
Anda Coiner - Parent Liaison
Denise Carpenter - Treasurer

U9 Boys Black

Joe Gribble - Head Coach
Todd Fournier - Treasurer
Stacey Gribble - Manager

U11 Girls Black

Tim Mullen - Head Coach
Ben Rinehart - Assistant Coach
Janell Pfaff - Treasurer

U11 Boys Black

Bo Meagle - Head Coach
Don Goodman - Assistant Coach
Tara Meagle - Head of coaches

U11 Girls White

Ben Schenkel - Head Coach
Eric Keffer - Assistant Coach
Nicole Tidd - Treasurer

U11 Boys White

Bo Meagle - Head Coach
Susan Igo - Assistant Coach

U12 Girls Black

Andrew Pinkerton - Head Coach
Brian Schuck - Assistant Coach

U12 Boys Green

Brian Anderson - Head Coach
Ash Caruthers - Assistant Coach
Jason Hill - Assistant Coach

U13 Girls White

Jim Morgan - Head Coach

U12 Boys White

Shane Hartshorn - Head Coach
Melissa Schafer - Treasurer

U14 Girls Green

Tim Mullen - Head Coach
Amy Mendenhall - Assistant Coach
Suzy Zummalde - Treasurer

U13 Boys Green

William Mannix - Head Coach
Missy Gandor - Treasurer

U16 Girls White

Jason Hill - Head Coach
Martin Powney - Assistant Coach
Jennie Klein - Manager
Carol Teer - Manager

U14 Boys White

Ash Caruthers - Head Coach


U15 Boys Black

Eric Johnson - Head Coach
Kirby Lewis - Assistant Coach
Amy Cochran - Treasurer


U16 Boys Black

Sean Cook - Head Coach
Eric Johnson - Head Coach
Beth Strobl - Treasurer
Doug Goetz - Manager


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Marietta Soccer Classic

Posted by Ben Schenkel at Jul 15, 2012 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
This tournament is run by the Marietta Soccer League and is the main/only fundraiser outside of team sponsorships that the rec league does for operating costs. All proceeds from the tournament go back to the rec league general fund each year to offset maintenance costs at the fields, to help keep our registration fees competitive with other area leagues, and upgrade our facilities.        

 The Classic is in need of Volunteer helpers.

Some ways to get involved and help out are:

 Field Marshall: 

These people work the weekend of the tournament in 1 hour shifts. You will oversee four fields. You are our eyes to make sure all is going well or to call a tournament committee member for help in the event of some need at the fields and to be the collector of game score cards. You will keep the cards at the tent and Todd Fournier will come to the tent and get all scores after each game time slot.

 Field Prep: 

We will also be spending hours at the fields the week before completing many tasks getting the complex ready for the weekend. We have to layout, paint, mow all the fields. Weed eat, tie nets, place goals, get correct field numbers signs on the goals, etc. Any help during that week would appreciated.   It takes many, many man hours to get the complex ready.

There are other options available for helping out as well.

One hour of help, the weekend of the tournament is a huge help. Any amount of time you can offer is greatly appreciated. 

 If you are interested in helping, please email the tournament director,

Eric Keffer, email