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The Lansdale Cannoneers Youth Football Association aims to serve the youth of the North Penn School District by providing the opportunity for them to participate in football and cheerleading at the lowest possible cost.

We believe that participation in the sports of football and cheerleading – both available to boys and girls - can serve as an important part of a child’s education and development. Accordingly, our programs strive continually to provide children with a positive exposure to the ideals of team play and fairness and to the idea that concentrated effort can help them achieve a goal.

We seek to accomplish these purposes in an atmosphere that emphasizes the fun in the sports that then builds the self-esteem of every child that participates.

While our teams try their best to win in every outing, we have chosen to participate in a league that requires that every player receives a significant amount of “on-the field experience” in every game. We fully support the League’s effort to monitor compliance with this important objective by requiring that each game have a non-coach parent with responsibility for auditing participation through formal play-counting sheets.

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Some frequently Asked Questions:

When does the season start?

  • August 1st (unless otherwise described)

What is the cost/s?

  • Tackle Football is: $75.00 base fee, Non-Comp and Comp Cheer is: $65.00 base fee, Flag FB and Flag CH is $25.00 base fee
    • Registering online will incur a non-refudable, $5.00 fee per child registered.

What is the practice time and days?

  • In August: Tackle Football and Cheer will go up to 4 nights weekly, 1.5 to 2.5 hours nightly depneding on the age/skill level. FLAG FB & CH generally go up to 3 nights weekly, 1.5 per night.
    • Generally spanning Mondays thru Thursdays
  • At or Post Labor Day: Tackle Football, Non-Comp Cheer and Comp Cheer maximum allowed is 3 nights weekly, 2 hours per. Flag FB & CH, 2 nights weekly, 1.5 hours per night
    • Generally: On Tuesdays and Thursdays
Where else can i find info?
  • Go to Forms and Newsletters tab on Left - Panel of this website
  • Look for Registration flyer and/or Welcome Letter 
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Payment Methods

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With the exception of online registration; all others methods of payment are: cash, check, or MO