February 2016 Board Minutes

Posted by Tiffany Schultz on Mar 06 2016 at 04:00PM PST

Board Members and Coaches Present:
Heather Bartelt, Dulcie Bergsma, Julie Eagen, David Klitzman, Jolene Klitzman, Charity Kostroun, Rob Kostroun, Troy Larson, Janice Tiedt, Matt Trunkhill, Teresa Trunkhill, Clint Wallisch

Board Members and Coaches Absent:
Aaron Dobbs, Kim Karnes, Mike Pfeil, Tiffany Schultz

Parents Present:

Secretary’s Report
Items tabled from last meeting:
501c3 Application

Motion by Heather, seconded by Dave to approve minutes from 1/24/2016 meeting

Treasurer’s Report
 Balance $1,686.17

Old Business
2015 Tax Return
Julie working on tax return-post card/EIN/non-profit #
501c3 Application
Cost $395
Would require annual tax return ~$200
Motion by Dave, seconded by Heather to proceed with application

Good Grief Printing
Sizes YM-Adult XXL – sample sizes available
Fitting dates (2 dates – March & April, possibly one weekday/weekend)
Same uniform, no names
Design fee $60
$50 with pants + $5 for number

Spiderz Gloves
Angels prefer order deadline in May
Sample sizes available at uniform fitting

Indoor Activities
2 open gyms – 2/28 & 3/6 5
Hitting – 2/22, 2/25, 3/3, 3/7 & 3/10
Suggestion for next year – schedule times for hitting to encourage more attendees

New Business

23 to date, 7 paid

Handout at school
Ads in review, 1 done in Feb, March & April to follow
Banner at Pig coming

Mark your Calendar

3/16 – rules meeting, Clint
4/18 – email registration saying we have a team
4/27 6:30 – scheduling

Week of the Young Child
4/15 5:30-7:30 Field House
Paper registration, pay by check
Troy & Clint

ASA Certification
Background check, all coaches, assistants and volunteers on the field
ASA requires 10U & up; we will check all ages
Angels would pay the $10 ASA fee
Clint – C-CAP
Need to create form, DOB, address, prior state, sign to agree – hand out at parent meeting
Rob to check for sample form from school or wrestling club

Small committee review
Need to develop policy
Sex or violent crimes – no coaching
Drugs - ?
Pending charges – no coaching until resolved

Evansville Tournament  
7/15-17, 12U

Refund policy – change to less a $10 admin fee prior to 1st game (for processing fees we incur)
50% discount player eligible for school free lunch (by word)
$20 family multi player discount
All other situations subject to board approval
Grievance policy
2nd bullet, option to resolve
Play-Up policy
High School Rule – means freshman can’t practice until HS season (JV or V) is over (whenever that respective season ends)
3/14 season starts
We will remove this sentence
Treasurer policy
Co-treasurers to draft – checks and balances
Financial, add to Constitution
Constitution Rob will review mission, vision and objectives – repetitive; may be able to combine into single statement

Field Updates
 Long term plan
 Fall drainage – better
Extended backstop
Getting poles with net from baseball to shield press box windows

Next Meeting
March 20, 2016

Meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Teresa Trunkhill, Secretary


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