October 2015 Board Minutes

Posted by Tiffany Schultz on Jan 24 2016 at 04:00PM PST

E’Ville Angels Fast Pitch Softball

October 11, 2015

Board Meeting Minutes Board Members and Coaches Present: Clint Wallisch, Tiffany Schultz, Jolene Klitzman, Charity Kostroun, Troy Larson, Kim Karnes, Matt Trunkhill, Heather Bartelt

Board Members and Coaches Absent: Aaron Dobbs, Teresa Trunkhill, David Klitzman, Mike Pfeil, Dawn Cronin

Parents Present: Rob Kostroun, Angela Wallisch, Julie Eagen, Dulcie Bergsma

Parents Questions, Concerns & Ideas

Old Business

Secretary’s Report
 ? None.

Minutes approved by Heather, seconded by Kim.

Treasurer’s Report
 ? Dawn wrote check $1,000 to school still owe $600

New Business
 Election / approval of officers

President – Clint Wallisch Vice President – Jolene Klitzman Secretary – Teresa Trunkhill Co-Treasurers - Dulcie Bergsma (checkbook) & Julie Eagen (Quickbooks) (pending policy development, interim positions) Director of Operations – Rob Kostroun Fundraising Coordinators – Jolene Klitzman and Janice Tiedt Apparel Coordinator – Clint Wallisch (Charity Kostroun 6U/8U) Equipment Coordinator – Kim Karnes Umpire coordinator – Mike Pfeil Tournament Coordinator – Jolene & Dave Klitzman Clinics & Special Events Coordinator – Troy Larson Web Site Coordinator – Tiffany Schultz Registration Coordinator – Clint Wallisch
 Motion to approve all positions by Troy, seconded by Heather 

2016 Registration
 ? Fees same as 2015
 ? February 1 open, April 10 closing date (Week of the Young Child is April 17)
 ? Mid-January flyer at school
 ? Open house information night in February Uniforms
 ? Logo change – bring in January any ideas
 ? June – UW swap Indoor Camps ? Broadcasting clinics – e.g. Oregon, Badgers, etc.
 ? YouTube channel
 ? Clinics, Sundays, hitting, pitching drills

United Way
 ? Working on for next year

Varsity Field Update
 ? $5,000 anonymous donation

TRIS Batting Cage
 ? Open gym starts - January 10

Tax Return
 ? Meet with Dawn for tax return with Clint, Jolene, Julie, Dulcie

 ? 3 – varsity, middle school, TRIS

Next Meeting
 ? January 24, 2016

Minutes recorded by Jolene Klitzman; submitted by Teresa Trunkhill, Secretary


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