January 2016 Board Minutes

Posted by Tiffany Schultz on Jan 24 2016 at 04:00PM PST

E’Ville Angels Fast Pitch Softball
January 24, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes Board Members and Coaches Present: Julie Eagen, Kim Karnes, Charity Kostroun, Rob Kostroun, Troy Larson, Mike Pfeil, Tiffany Schultz, Teresa Trunkhill, Clint Wallisch

Board Members and Coaches Absent: Heather Bartelt, Dulcie Bergsma, Aaron Dobbs, David Klitzman, Jolene Klitzman, Janice Tiedt, Matt Trunkhill

Parents Present:

Secretary’s Report
 ? None

Treasurer’s Report
 ? Hard copy files have been transferred and assembled
 ? In process of converting electronic records
 ? Balance $1,686.17 includes IronMan fundraising receipt and $1,000 field improvement expense

Old Business

2015 Tax Return
 ? Do not have to file (we do not exceed $50K revenue)
 ? Send in card saying we are in existence – Julie working on

501c3 Application
 ? Tabled to next meeting

2016 Registration Fee
? Fees for all ages increase $5 due to increase in SC League fees
 ? 6U - $30
 ? 8U - $40
 ? 10U/12U/14U - $120
 ? Multifamily discount – Tiffany to review what we did last year

 ? Open: Monday, February 1
 ? Close: Sunday, April 10 (10U-14U)
 ? Keep 6U & 8U registration open until Memorial Day
 ? Registration night at Good Grief Printing (March?) – set date at next meeting
 ? Advertisement in local paper (2 – Feb & March) ? Charity hand out flier at school (Clint to update dates and send to Charity)
 ? Banner at Pig in spring

? Tabled to next meeting

Camps – Troy

? Badger camp
o Very successful – good turnout, 20-40% attendance by Evansville girls
 o They have interest in doing again in fall (could possibly get H.S.) or next spring – good quality and easy for us

 ? Kickstart Clinic
o Teach fundamentals to parent and child – what to work on at home, throw/catch
o April or May (leaning toward May) o H.S. and 14U girls could help
o Free or fee – TBD (leaning toward free) o Could coincide with getting girls registered

? Pitchers – Open Gym
Troy available noon-1pm, all ages, older girls would need a catcher

? Hitting with Scott Fredrickson
 oMonday’s & Thursday’s (not Feb. 15)
 o Suggestion – offer scheduling for better use of time

 ? Tabled to next meeting

 ? Tabled to next meeting

 ? Tabled to next meeting

Press Box/Field Status
 ? Clay on pitcher mound – spring
 ? Press box – mid-spring
 ? Backstop needs to be higher to cover windows
 ? Fencing – next year

Open Gym
 ? None 1/31
 ? Pitchers noon – 1pm (see above)

New Business

Social Media
 ? Facebook updates, video clips from Badger camp, clinic info, etc.

Sugar River League
 ? Last year 8U participated; keep same for this year
 ? Board position available if anyone interested
 ? 14U will play pick-up games
 ? No double league

New Purchase Procedure
 ? Get card to order online
 ? We have account at Beacon

Payment to Umpires
 ? Mike will email Julie every 2 weeks
 ? 2 days before games coaches should email visiting coach and confirm field, dugout selection, provide phone number in case of rain; notify Mike of cancellations

Coach’s Toolbox – Troy
 ? Troy has developed in OneNote
 ? Includes coach’s manual, YouTube videos, drills, items for new coaches, etc.

Indoor Practices
 ? Mike requested M/Th, 6-8pm Fieldhouse; Clint will look into this
 ? New scheduling system at school

Next Meeting
 ? February 21, 2016

Meeting adjourned at 6:48 p.m.
 Minutes submitted by Teresa Trunkhill, Secretary


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