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Your daughter will be placed on a team based on her league age. 

Li'l Angels: Ages 4 - 6 - This is an instructional league designed to introduce young players to the game of softball. The emphasis is on fundamentals. Players split their weekly time between practice and a quick game to reinforce the skills they have learned.  Please Note - If your player is age 6 and is entering First Grade, they should be registered for the 6U Lil Angels Division. If your player is age 6 and is entering Second Grade, they should be registering under the 8U Midgets Division.  Registration Fee: $30

Midgets: 8U - This is a coach pitch league where the focus is on improving our throwing and catching skills in a beginners level of competition. Players practice once a week and play a game once a week.  Please Note - If your player is age 6 and is entering Second Grade, they should be registered for the 8U Midgets Division. If your player is age 6 and is entering First Grade, they should be registering under the 6U Lil Angels Division.  Registration Fee: $40

Modified: U10 - The modified league introduces the art of pitching. Players learn to hit live pitching while the games are a combination of player and coach pitch. Players in the modified league continue to improve their knowledge of the game in preparation for our traveling teams.  Registration Fee: $120

Jr. Angels U12 - The Junior Angels compete in the South Central League and in ASA tournament competition. Our goal is to develop a team that can win regardless of the opponent or location. The Junior Angels continue to improve their fundamental skills while developing a higher level of understanding of the game.  Registration Fee: $120

Sr. Angels U14 - The Senior Angels compete in the South Central League and in ASA tournament competition. Our mission is to develop players that are productive at the next level from day one. The goals for this team are simple. Win every game we play. We achieve this by focusing on the maximizing the skills gained through their years as a member of the Evansville Angels Fastpitch organization.  Registration Fee: $120


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February 2016 Board Minutes

Posted by Tiffany Schultz at Mar 6, 2016 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Board Members and Coaches Present:
Heather Bartelt, Dulcie Bergsma, Julie Eagen, David Klitzman, Jolene Klitzman, Charity Kostroun, Rob Kostroun, Troy Larson, Janice Tiedt, Matt Trunkhill, Teresa Trunkhill, Clint Wallisch

Board Members and Coaches Absent:
Aaron Dobbs, Kim Karnes, Mike Pfeil, Tiffany Schultz

Parents Present:

Secretary’s Report
Items tabled from last meeting:
501c3 Application

Motion by Heather, seconded by Dave to approve minutes from 1/24/2016 meeting

Treasurer’s Report
 Balance $1,686.17

Old Business
2015 Tax Return
Julie working on tax return-post card/EIN/non-profit #
501c3 Application
Cost $395
Would require annual tax return ~$200
Motion by Dave, seconded by Heather to proceed with application

Good Grief Printing
Sizes YM-Adult XXL – sample sizes available
Fitting dates (2 dates – March & April, possibly one weekday/weekend)
Same uniform, no names
Design fee $60
$50 with pants + $5 for number

Spiderz Gloves
Angels prefer order deadline in May
Sample sizes available at uniform fitting

Indoor Activities
2 open gyms – 2/28 & 3/6 5
Hitting – 2/22, 2/25, 3/3, 3/7 & 3/10
Suggestion for next year – schedule times for hitting to encourage more attendees

New Business

23 to date, 7 paid

Handout at school
Ads in review, 1 done in Feb, March & April to follow
Banner at Pig coming

Mark your Calendar

3/16 – rules meeting, Clint
4/18 – email registration saying we have a team
4/27 6:30 – scheduling

Week of the Young Child
4/15 5:30-7:30 Field House
Paper registration, pay by check
Troy & Clint

ASA Certification
Background check, all coaches, assistants and volunteers on the field
ASA requires 10U & up; we will check all ages
Angels would pay the $10 ASA fee
Clint – C-CAP
Need to create form, DOB, address, prior state, sign to agree – hand out at parent meeting
Rob to check for sample form from school or wrestling club

Small committee review
Need to develop policy
Sex or violent crimes – no coaching
Drugs - ?
Pending charges – no coaching until resolved

Evansville Tournament  
7/15-17, 12U

Refund policy – change to less a $10 admin fee prior to 1st game (for processing fees we incur)
50% discount player eligible for school free lunch (by word)
$20 family multi player discount
All other situations subject to board approval
Grievance policy
2nd bullet, option to resolve
Play-Up policy
High School Rule – means freshman can’t practice until HS season (JV or V) is over (whenever that respective season ends)
3/14 season starts
We will remove this sentence
Treasurer policy
Co-treasurers to draft – checks and balances
Financial, add to Constitution
Constitution Rob will review mission, vision and objectives – repetitive; may be able to combine into single statement

Field Updates
 Long term plan
 Fall drainage – better
Extended backstop
Getting poles with net from baseball to shield press box windows

Next Meeting
March 20, 2016

Meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Teresa Trunkhill, Secretary

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January 2016 Board Minutes

Posted by Tiffany Schultz at Jan 24, 2016 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

E’Ville Angels Fast Pitch Softball
January 24, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes Board Members and Coaches Present: Julie Eagen, Kim Karnes, Charity Kostroun, Rob Kostroun, Troy Larson, Mike Pfeil, Tiffany Schultz, Teresa Trunkhill, Clint Wallisch

Board Members and Coaches Absent: Heather Bartelt, Dulcie Bergsma, Aaron Dobbs, David Klitzman, Jolene Klitzman, Janice Tiedt, Matt Trunkhill

Parents Present:

Secretary’s Report
 ? None

Treasurer’s Report
 ? Hard copy files have been transferred and assembled
 ? In process of converting electronic records
 ? Balance $1,686.17 includes IronMan fundraising receipt and $1,000 field improvement expense

Old Business

2015 Tax Return
 ? Do not have to file (we do not exceed $50K revenue)
 ? Send in card saying we are in existence – Julie working on

501c3 Application
 ? Tabled to next meeting

2016 Registration Fee
? Fees for all ages increase $5 due to increase in SC League fees
 ? 6U - $30
 ? 8U - $40
 ? 10U/12U/14U - $120
 ? Multifamily discount – Tiffany to review what we did last year

 ? Open: Monday, February 1
 ? Close: Sunday, April 10 (10U-14U)
 ? Keep 6U & 8U registration open until Memorial Day
 ? Registration night at Good Grief Printing (March?) – set date at next meeting
 ? Advertisement in local paper (2 – Feb & March) ? Charity hand out flier at school (Clint to update dates and send to Charity)
 ? Banner at Pig in spring

? Tabled to next meeting

Camps – Troy

? Badger camp
o Very successful – good turnout, 20-40% attendance by Evansville girls
 o They have interest in doing again in fall (could possibly get H.S.) or next spring – good quality and easy for us

 ? Kickstart Clinic
o Teach fundamentals to parent and child – what to work on at home, throw/catch
o April or May (leaning toward May) o H.S. and 14U girls could help
o Free or fee – TBD (leaning toward free) o Could coincide with getting girls registered

? Pitchers – Open Gym
Troy available noon-1pm, all ages, older girls would need a catcher

? Hitting with Scott Fredrickson
 oMonday’s & Thursday’s (not Feb. 15)
 o Suggestion – offer scheduling for better use of time

 ? Tabled to next meeting

 ? Tabled to next meeting

 ? Tabled to next meeting

Press Box/Field Status
 ? Clay on pitcher mound – spring
 ? Press box – mid-spring
 ? Backstop needs to be higher to cover windows
 ? Fencing – next year

Open Gym
 ? None 1/31
 ? Pitchers noon – 1pm (see above)

New Business

Social Media
 ? Facebook updates, video clips from Badger camp, clinic info, etc.

Sugar River League
 ? Last year 8U participated; keep same for this year
 ? Board position available if anyone interested
 ? 14U will play pick-up games
 ? No double league

New Purchase Procedure
 ? Get card to order online
 ? We have account at Beacon

Payment to Umpires
 ? Mike will email Julie every 2 weeks
 ? 2 days before games coaches should email visiting coach and confirm field, dugout selection, provide phone number in case of rain; notify Mike of cancellations

Coach’s Toolbox – Troy
 ? Troy has developed in OneNote
 ? Includes coach’s manual, YouTube videos, drills, items for new coaches, etc.

Indoor Practices
 ? Mike requested M/Th, 6-8pm Fieldhouse; Clint will look into this
 ? New scheduling system at school

Next Meeting
 ? February 21, 2016

Meeting adjourned at 6:48 p.m.
 Minutes submitted by Teresa Trunkhill, Secretary

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October 2015 Board Minutes

Posted by Tiffany Schultz at Jan 24, 2016 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

E’Ville Angels Fast Pitch Softball

October 11, 2015

Board Meeting Minutes Board Members and Coaches Present: Clint Wallisch, Tiffany Schultz, Jolene Klitzman, Charity Kostroun, Troy Larson, Kim Karnes, Matt Trunkhill, Heather Bartelt

Board Members and Coaches Absent: Aaron Dobbs, Teresa Trunkhill, David Klitzman, Mike Pfeil, Dawn Cronin

Parents Present: Rob Kostroun, Angela Wallisch, Julie Eagen, Dulcie Bergsma

Parents Questions, Concerns & Ideas

Old Business

Secretary’s Report
 ? None.

Minutes approved by Heather, seconded by Kim.

Treasurer’s Report
 ? Dawn wrote check $1,000 to school still owe $600

New Business
 Election / approval of officers

President – Clint Wallisch Vice President – Jolene Klitzman Secretary – Teresa Trunkhill Co-Treasurers - Dulcie Bergsma (checkbook) & Julie Eagen (Quickbooks) (pending policy development, interim positions) Director of Operations – Rob Kostroun Fundraising Coordinators – Jolene Klitzman and Janice Tiedt Apparel Coordinator – Clint Wallisch (Charity Kostroun 6U/8U) Equipment Coordinator – Kim Karnes Umpire coordinator – Mike Pfeil Tournament Coordinator – Jolene & Dave Klitzman Clinics & Special Events Coordinator – Troy Larson Web Site Coordinator – Tiffany Schultz Registration Coordinator – Clint Wallisch
 Motion to approve all positions by Troy, seconded by Heather 

2016 Registration
 ? Fees same as 2015
 ? February 1 open, April 10 closing date (Week of the Young Child is April 17)
 ? Mid-January flyer at school
 ? Open house information night in February Uniforms
 ? Logo change – bring in January any ideas
 ? June – UW swap Indoor Camps ? Broadcasting clinics – e.g. Oregon, Badgers, etc.
 ? YouTube channel
 ? Clinics, Sundays, hitting, pitching drills

United Way
 ? Working on for next year

Varsity Field Update
 ? $5,000 anonymous donation

TRIS Batting Cage
 ? Open gym starts - January 10

Tax Return
 ? Meet with Dawn for tax return with Clint, Jolene, Julie, Dulcie

 ? 3 – varsity, middle school, TRIS

Next Meeting
 ? January 24, 2016

Minutes recorded by Jolene Klitzman; submitted by Teresa Trunkhill, Secretary

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August 2015 Board Minutes

Posted by Tiffany Schultz at Aug 31, 2015 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

E’Ville Angels Fast Pitch Softball
August 23, 2015

Board Meeting Minutes Board Members and Coaches Present: Kris Schmidt, Clint Wallisch, Jolene Klitzman, David Klitzman, Teresa Trunkhill, Charity Kostroun, Heather Bartelt, Troy Larson

Board Members and Coaches Absent: Tiffany Schultz, Aaron Dobbs, Kim Karnes, Dawn Cronin

Guest Speaker: Brian Cashore, Athletic Director

Meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m.

Parents Questions, Concerns & Ideas

Varsity Field Update – Brian Cashore
Press box – pending board approval 8/26, $27,000 (Greenwood State Bank, Evansville Sports Boosters and donations), will start immediately after approval
-2 story, 16x28
-No bathrooms, not stubbed – cost, size and plumbing to road are issues
Future 16x16 bathroom shared with baseball by pitching rubbers/electrical box
-Concessions and storage
-5’ from fence, will require fence repair
Field drainage issues – 3 priorities, school will cover costs and/or labor donated except as listed below:
1. Field - Angels would need to pay for 3 rows of sod (baseline to baseline)
2. Mound – clay $500, would need to cover with tarp $600, will need training on how to use and maintain
3. Batter’s box – similar costs to mound (clay $500, tarp $600)
Angels already approved $1,000 donation
Angels voted to approve costs for #1 sod and #2 mound. We will do the batter’s box next year.
Invoices should be sent to Dawn or Charity
Brian will contact Dawn before ordering to get approval
Brian will contact Charity when parent volunteers are needed

Coach Agendas

6U – Troy
Troy will work on coaches handout – logistics, drills for kids at home, curriculum, structure with input from Charity on fundamentals
ASA has a booklet & web site with videos (starting at 10U)
Troy will coach again next year

 8U - Aaron
Aaron will be moving up to 10U next year, will need an 8U coach next year

10U - Clint and Charity/Heather
Clint’s team:
4 girls could play 10U vs 12U, they chose to stay at 10U
all but 2 move up next year
4-5 pitchers
Fall practices after school starts

All coming back (14)
1 girl moving up 12U – Jolene
Tied for 2nd place, lots of improvement
5 have to move up out of 13, Jolene is encouraging those that can stay down to do so
Two 12U teams next year
Participating in fall league

14U – Kris
Needs improvement
Matt will be doing fall practices
12 girls returning next year, 1 would have to move up, plus Jolene’s 5
Kris not coaching next year
Matt, Mike Pfeil and Troy Larson will coach next year

16U/18U – Kris
Lack of dedication, girls have jobs
10 players, had to use some 14U girls
Probably not a team next year
Could invite Albany, SC would likely approve this
Kris not coaching next year

Field prep
 Becca and Sara did a good job once they got going. We may not be able to continue this with new clay mound due to training issues.

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report
Dawn will not be returning next year 2016

Will set date by next meeting, probably later in July, June had end-of-school year conflicts/vacations
12U or 14U, vote to do only one age group
Probably $325 to cover umps, until we have concessions, then we can consider lower cost

Next Meeting
September 13

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Teresa Trunkhill, Secretary