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 Here you will find important district information. Select 'Calendar' for schedule of activities and 'Links' for web site of district leagues. Texas East District 16 is located in Houston Texas and is part of Texas East. It is dedicated to building  good sportmanship, honorable character, value of teamwork and respect for others while providing basic fundamental baseball skills.

Texas District 16 includes the following leagues,

Bayland Park LL;    Bear Creek LL;    Bellaire LL;    First Colony LL:    Katy American LL;    
Katy National LL;  
   Memorial Ashford LL;  Missouri City LL;  Neartown LL;   Post Oak LL;      
Spring Branch AM. LL;  Westbury LL;      W
est Oaks LL;      West University Am. and Nat'l LL

District 16 is 100% A.S.A.P. Approved, Congratulations to all for your hard work in getting this accomplished and a big Thank You to Susan Krus the District Safety Officer for her tenacity.

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Posted by Carlos Davila at Jun 3, 2017 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

6/3/2017 Results

WUN over KALL 16-3

POLL-B over MALL 14-0

FCLL over KNLL 5-4

POLL-A over WBLL 14-10

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Important Dates

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2017 Meeting and Tournament Dates   
Saturday  20-May 9a - 11a District UIC 9's Managers  
Thursday 1-Jun 12am Announce All All Stars    
Saturday  3-Jun 9a - 12 p All Managers and Coaches  
Saturday  3-Jun 9A Start 9's      
Saturday 10-Jun 9a - 1p  Affidavidts All Divisions  
Thu 15-Jun 6p Start 10's      
Sat 17-Jun   Start 11's / Majors      
Sat  24-Jun 9a Start 50/70 / Jr.s / Sr.    
Thu 6-Jul   Sectionals      
Sat  8-Jul 9a State Intermediate    
Sat 15-Jul   State      
Thu 12-Oct 7p - 9p District Meeting    
All Dates and Times  for Tournament Games .     
  are Subject to Change at any Time    
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Rule Changes for 2017

Playing Rules

6.02(c) – Allows a local league the option to mandate the batters keep one foot in the batter’s box during their at-bat Pg. 92

6.08(a)(2) – Allows a defensive team to intentionally walk a batter in the Minor or Major divisions Pg. 97

8.06(b) NOTE – Clarifies that a pitcher removed and returning to the mound would retain his/her number of visits Pg. 113

9.01(d) NOTE – Provides umpires guidance regarding unsportsmanlike behavior. Additionally, clarifies that the local league may                                                          determine if stealing and relaying of a pitch selection or location is considered unsportsmanlike Pg. 115

9.01(e) – Provides umpires guidance regarding fights and physical altercations Pg. 115

Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Managers and Coaches – Allows a League President to be eligible for selection as a Tournament team coach or manager with written                                                                      approval from their respective District Administrator Pg. 121

Tournament Eligibility Affidavit – Requires tournament teams to complete and carry a Tournament Verification Form for every                                                                                                 player Pg. 122

Release of Names – Allows local leagues to select their Tournament teams as early as June 1 Pg. 123

Player Eligibility – Allows players league age 8, 9, and 10 to have additional year of Tournament eligibility Pg. 124

Player Eligibility – Mandates that players have 60% Regular Season participation prior to the start of Tournament to be eligible for                                                              Tournament selection and participation Pg. 124

Schedules – Requires District Administrators to finalize tournament schedules by June 1 or the start of the Tournament (whichever is                                             earlier). Additionally, mandates Tournament Directors receive permission to alter Tournament schedules                                                                           from the Tournament Committee after it starts Pg. 126

Tournament Team Practice – Allows local leagues to conduct Tournament team try-outs and practices beginning June 1 Pg. 127

Tournament Rule 3(a) – Mandates batters keep one foot in the batter’s box during their at-bat Pg. 131

Tournament Rule 3(d) – Modifies the number of times a team may use a Special Pinch Runner Pg. 132

Tournament Rule 3(e) – Determines the stealing and relaying of pitch selections and location is considered unsportsmanlike Pg. 132

Tournament Rule 10 – Clarifies when a substitute batter may be used for a starting pitcher Pgs. 137-138

Tournament Rule 16 – Provides umpires guidance regarding fights and physical altercations during Tournaments Pg. 139

International Tournament Pool Play Format – Modifies the Tiebreaker Procedure and how to calculate the Runs-Allowed Ration                                                                                                               Pgs. 147-149 

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Posted by Carlos Davila at Mar 14, 2016 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Southwestern Region held it's annual umpire training.  It was held in Waco at the region headquarters on Febuary 12-14.  This year it was attended by Mike Flowers, Tony Clasen and Doug Pfaffenberger.  They will be bringing back what they learned to train the unpires in out district.  They were able to give good feed back to the trainers and Little League.    imageimageimage