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USA Softball of New Hampshire 

Adult, JO Individual & Independent Registrations,

Background Check , SafeSport & ACE Certification,

JO Classifications & Age Qualification

Tournament Sanction Form

Championship Host Bid & Procedure Forms

Championship Roster, Insurance Information,

Player ID Program & ID Cards Form and Pick-Up Player Form.

Link~  2019 Junior Olympic Age Qualifications 


 2019 USA Softball of NH Registration Online

**September 1st, 2018 ~ Registration is open for our 2019 Season 
2019 ~ All JO Teams and Leagues will be Required to Register Online.  
Recreational Leagues & Teams
Please contact our NH Office for Online Assistance.  

Enter Here Click on Logo
Everyone registering online will receive a Membership non-photo ID.
Player/Coaches "Non-Photo ID's" are mailed directly from our National Office. 
Player "Photo ID's" will still be issued by USA Softball of NH, upon request. 
 Registration materials will be mailed by USA Softball of NH upon registration approval.
Online Teams & Recreational Leagues Receive:
Rule Book, Scorebook, Insurance Coverage, Additional Insured Certificates,
Team & Member Registrations, Free Website Advertising, Tournament Forms,
Free Tournament Website, Team ID Card, Membership and
Player Photo ID's (upon request) & Unlimited Assistance! 
  USA Softball of NH Requirements
(All Available on 
BG's and ACE are Yearly Requirements, SafeSport will be every 2-3 years 
Link ~ Background Check Program 
All Staff working with each team 18 years or older to be BG Checked 
Link ~ SafeSport
All Members 18 years or older Certified prior to ACE Certification 
  Link ~ ACE Coach Education Program
  All Coaches working with each team should be ACE Certified. (1Min)
    USA Softball of New Hampshire Junior Olympic Team Classification Guidelines:
Class "A" Division
   Teams in this division have no roster restrictions other than the majority of the players on
the roster (51%), must live in New Hampshire.  The level of competition is highly competitive.
Examples of teams that will be classified as an "A" team are:
1.  A team that meets the requirements of  Class "B", but wishes to play up in classification. 
              2.  A team classified as "B" (previous season) and won that year's State Championship or
                    other USA Championship event. 
              3.  A team classified as "B" (previous season) and dominated play in that classification, and
                   will retain the majority (51%) of their roster.
              4. Teams classified as "A" may not play in any class lower. 
 Class "B" Division
  This level of play is for teams that do not believe that they can compete at the "A" level.  
Examples of teams that may be classified as "B" are:
1 A team made up of players from multible cities/towns, with the majority (51%), residing from
                 one city/town or school district.
          2. Teams classified in "B" may play up in classification, but may not play in any class lower.
3. This classification is strict to school district requirements, adding players outside of those
boundries, after being classified, has the potential to place your team in a re-classification status. 

Class "C" RecreationalDivision
  This level of play is for teams that do not believe that they can compete at the "A" or "B" level.
Examples of teams that may be classified as "C" are: 
1.  Class "C" teams are madeup of players that register and play in a USA recreational league. Playersthat    
are on a class "A" or class "B" roster are not allowedto play in this division. Class "C" teams are      
essentially recreational league all-star teams. The definition of a recreational league isa league that is  
associated with a recognized community and is open to anyinterested youth.  Class "C" teams may play up
in class andstill retain class "C" status.
2.  USA leagues that are small innumbers may combine to form one recreational league and still be eligible to  
form teams in the class "C" division.
The USA Softball of NH State Commissioner reserves the right to verify the classification,
eligibility and potential re-classification of all teams participating in any USA Softball event.
2018 Adult Single Team & League Teams
Registration Information
**Adult teams/Leagues please use the form below to Register.  
This form is to be used by "All" Adult Single Teams or League Teams. 
Link ~ Single Team & League Teams Registration Form 
PDF Form Link 
Link ~ Liability Information & "How To File"
Use the link above for directions about certificates and online filing 
Adult Teams Receive:
Rule Book, Scorebook,Team Registration & Liability Insurance Included
***Certificate Request are the Responsibility of the Team/League.
Please refer to the link above and follow the direction for requesting
Proof of Insurance or for Additionally Insured Certificates)   


 2019 Tournament Information
 (2019 Dates and Location to be determine)

**Please use "only" the 2019 form to sanction tournaments for 2019, other forms not accepted**
Click Here ~
2019 Invitational Tournament Sanction Form

18U JO State Tournament "will be held" on June 14th - June 16th
 10U, 12U, 14U & 16U JO State Tournaments "will be held" on june 21st - June 23rd

No invitational tournaments may be scheduled for the same weekend as State Tournaments.
Please plan your tournaments accordingly.

  **Submit your Bid to Host a 2019 USA Softball of NH State Championship Tournament.  

2019 Championship Tournament Bid Procedure

2019 Championship Tournament Bid Form

2019 Championship Roster Form
(Form - Coming Soon)  

*****This should be a 1 page Form, Please print front & back.  


Miscellaneous Forms 

2018 Adult Registration & Liability Information

 2018 Bollinger JO Individual Registration Information

USA Softball of NH Player ID Program

USA Softball of NH Player ID Cards

New ~ Pick-Up Player Form 

Teams are now allowed to pick up players from other State's for Championship play.

Providing all requirements are met in Article 303 Pick-Up Players. 



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