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1970 - 2012 (42 Years of Baseball) 

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2012 All-Stars

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Little League International delegates the All-Star selection process to the local leagues.  ORWALL chooses to utilize the All-Star selection method recommended by Little League.  This method has been submitted to both our District and Regional Offices for their records.   You can find the LL International recommended method (right from the Green Book) in the handouts section.  Age groups from 7's to Big League will be participating in All-Stars this year. 

In 2011, ORWALL won 8 District Championships (finished runner-up in 4 others), 2 Sectionals and 1 State Championship!!!

Congratulations to our Special District All-Star Teams!

7AAA NL:  District 28 Champions! Managed by Mike Goin

7AAA AL:  District 28 Runner Up!  Managed by Rex Tucker

8AAA AL:  District 28 Champions!  Managed by Jason Rebrook

8AAA NL:  District 28 Runner Up!  Managed by Mike Lucas

9AAA NL:  District 28 Champions!  Managed by Jason Harris

9AAA AL:  District 28 Runner Up!  Managed by Sean McElroy

Minors AL:  District 28 Champions!  Managed by Mike Smith

Minors NL:  District 28 Runner Up!  Managed by Glenn Helton

Congratulations to our National Tournament Teams!


10AAA National League Manager:  Eric Thomas


Majors 11's American League Manager:  Charlie Repka


Majors 11's National League Manager:  Clint Holden


Majors National League Manager:  Bryan Hines

Good luck to Coach Bryan and his team in their Texas East State tournament July 21-25th.  Bracket for their State tournament is on page 6 ---->

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Spring 2012 Home Runs

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JuniorJunior   ____+_   ___))__ Mauer__

For any home runs hit over the fence during regular season play, the manager needs to e-mail  Put Homerun in the subject line, and include the player's name, division (i.e. 10AAA), team name, and date of home run.   We had over 100 homeruns hit Spring 2011!!

Senior Rays - Paul Daigle (2)

Senior Cardinals - Brady Dorsey (1)

Senior Cardinals - Chris Espinosa (1)

Junior Mets - Travis Strothmann (3)

Junior Orioles - Austin Soileau (1 - GS)

Junior Rangers - Roman Lee (1)

Junior Rays - Ethan Hallford (1)

Junior Rays - Matt Armstrong (1, 1-GS)

Junior Rays - Charlie Scorpiniti (1)

Majors A's - Kalob Bacak (1)

Majors A's - Austin Fox (1)

Majors Angels - Sam Murray (1)

Majors Angels - Bryce Wray (1)

Majors Astros - Luke Trahan (8)

Majors Astros - Josh Trahan (5)

Majors Astros - Oscar Kanada (7)

Majors Braves - Zachary Fishman (2)

Majors Braves - Josh Byrd (2)

Majors Braves - Chase McMillan (1)

Majors Braves - Krystian Padron (1)

Majors Braves - David Skillern (3)

Majors Cardinals - Bryce Black (2)

Majors Cardinals - Troy Kruchten (2)

Majors Cubs - Jack Granack (1)

Majors Dodgers - Will Cardin (1)

Majors Dodgers - McKade Mettauer (1)

Majors Dodgers - Ryan McWhirter (5)

Majors Dodgers - Mitchell Kalinowski (1)

Majors Mets - Cooper Lucas (1)

Majors Padres - Finlay Clark (1 - GS)

Majors Padres - Matthew Myers (1)

Majors Padres - Michael Vinson (2)

Majors Phillies - Dawson Palmer (1)

Majors Rangers - Hudson Wolda (1)

Majors Rangers - Bryce Mourino (1)

Majors Tigers - Stephen Perry (1)

Majors White Sox - Austin Modlin (1)

Minors Phillies - Ben Young (2)

10AAA Blue Jays - Bryce Stephenson (2)

10AAA Rangers - Justin Gale (1)

10AAA Orioles - Hunter Pachal (1)

9AAA Blue Jays - Jake Keel (1)

9AAA Mets - Dylan Kerbow (1)

9AAA Mets - Austin Boyd (1)

9/10AA A's - Jacob Ozol (1)

9/10AA Blue Jays - Matthew Sniffen (1, 1-GS)

8AAA Mets - Garett Steele (1)

7/8AA A's - Josh Teall (1)

7/8AA Braves - Sammy Keith (1)

7/8AA Rockies - Colton Nolen (1)

7/8AA Red Sox - Tanner Chelette (1 - GS)

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Field Rentals are now being accepted.  You must follow the 2012 Field Rental Policy below.  Please email your request to only.  Thanks.

1)     Use the ORWALL rental form available under "Documents/Forms".

2)     Send email requests to with completed rental form attached.  If the form is not fully completed and attached, your email will be ignored.

3)     Include the field # and dates in the subject line of your email.  If this information is not in the subject line, your email will be ignored.  Example “Field 8, Sunday March 4 and 11”

4)     Requests must be made at least 3 working days in advance of reservation date.

5)     Only 2 rentals allowed in a 2 week period.  Only one request per week with up to 2 dates will be accepted.  No “blanket rentals” are allowed.

6)     Rentals are allowed for a maximum of a 2 hour period.

7)     Fees are $25/hour or $45/hour with lights (no discounts for Board Members).

8)     Rental will be cancelled and money refunded in case of rain or if ORWALL needs the field for any reason (rainout game makeup, etc).  ORWALL reserves the right to cancel field reservations for any reason and without notice.

9)     You must carry your field reservation receipt with you at all times to prove your reservation.  If you do not have your receipt, you will be forced to leave the field.

10)  Bathrooms may or may not be unlocked and no Board member is guaranteed to be on duty.  Water from hoses and faucets in non-potable.  Bring your own drinking water, first aid kit and ice for injuries.

11)  CLEAN UP THE DUGOUTS AND STANDS AFTER YOUR RENTAL or risk being denied a future reservation.

12)  If you are unable to use your reservation, you must contact PRIOR to your reserved time or your credit card will be still be charged.  No notification of cancellation PRIOR to your reserved time will result in your card being charged.  No exceptions.

13)  First priority of rentals goes to ORWALL regular season teams.

14)  Any “select” tournament team that is not associated with ORWALL and doesn’t have 100% of their rostered kids currently registered at ORWALL will have to provide proof of insurance prior to a field rental being granted.

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Schedules & Scores

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Our schedules, standings and local rules are located at