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Piscataway Recreation T-BALL LEAGUE

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Piscataway Recreation Department

2018 T-Ball League Registration Starts February 1st, 2018


The program is open to Township residents age 5, 6, and 7. Players must turn 5 before May 1, 2018 and cannot turn 8 until after April 30, 2018.

ALL players, whether new or returning, must register no later than 4:00pm Thursday, February 22, 2018 in order to be eligible to participate. Registration starts Thursday, February 1, 2018 and ends Thursday, March 1, 2018, 4:00pm. There is no fee or charge for this program. All players who register by Thursday, March 1, 4:00pm will be placed on a team. Players will be notified of their team and coach by telephone prior to the start of the season. Games will be held weeknights at the Piscataway Little League Complex, 491 Sidney Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854.

Those who register after the February 22th deadline will be placed on a Wait List and may not have an opportunity to participate.

ALL NEW PLAYERS must submit a copy of their birth certificate. Please fax it to 732-653-7363 and indicate on the cover sheet it is for 2018 T-ball registration.

Please call the Program Cancellation Line at 732-562-2389 beginning at 4:00pm to learn of any cancellation or schedule changes.

How To Register: 1) Click the link below. 2) Complete the registration form. 3) Hit Submit. You will receive a confirmation number letting you know that your registration was submitted.  Do not register until 02/01/18

Register Here

Please note that you will not receive an email confirmation. VOLUNTEER COACHES NEEDED FOR T-BALL: If interested, or if you know of anyone who may be interested, please complete the Volunteer Coach's Application found on the main page of the Recreation website. Fingerprinting and criminal background checks are required for all coaches.

It is now mandatory in New Jersey for all school aged youth that wear corrective eyewear while participating in recreation programs and activities to wear “Protective Eyewear” that meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for frames, and American National Standards Institute (ASNI) standards for lenses.

  District 17


TRYOUTS FOR The 2016 Williamsport Teams Will Be Held June 9, 2016 6:30PM to 9PM

   at The Piscataway Little League Complex.

Tournament Play Starts June 24, 2016

There will be 3 Teams

9yr old - 10yr old

11 yr old

11 yr old - 12yr old

If Your Child Turned 13 During the Season He or She is eligible to Tryout for the

11-12 year old Team.

If You Have Any Questions Please Contact: Frank Uhrin

Cell 732-921-8012

Or Contact Any  Piscataway Little League Board Member.  


Piscataway 11U - 12U

Piscataway 11U


Piscataway 9U - 10U






Piscataway Little League Local Policies - 2016


Managers and coaches are expected to be aware of and abide by the national rules found in the current Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules (Playing Rules). The Local Rules approved by the Piscataway Little League Board of Directors are listed here. These rules have been added to reflect the needs and philosophy of Piscataway Little League.


Piscataway Local Playing Rules:


          1. The Visiting Team:

              Managers' are responsible to police their dug-outs.

            • Visiting Team is listed first (1st) on the schedule.

            • Uses the third (3rd) base dugout.

            • Provides the official pitch counter.


         2. The Home Team:

            • Is listed second (2nd) on the schedule.

            • Uses first (1st) base dugout.

            • Responsible for retrieving and retuning the bases.

            • Provides the official scorekeeper.


**Note: the batting cage is reserved for both teams one hour before the game. If both managers arrive with their teams 1 1/2 hours before the game to take extra batting practice, they will share the batting cage.


          3. Concession Stand:

            • Each team will be scheduled to man the concession stand for one or more nights during the season.

           • Teams will be scheduled on a night when their team is playing.

           • Teams will be responsible to provide 4 parents to work the concession stand.

           • Parents will be at the concession stand no later than 5:15 and will not leave until the kitchen is clean

             coolers restocked, garbage removed, dishes cleaned etc…

           • Failure to provide 4 parents by the appointed time will result in disciplinary action*. *Disciplinary action:

             The child/children of the parent that does not show at the concession stand for duty will be benched

             for the current game.


         4. Player Eligibility (BOTH Leagues):

            • Any player found to be suspended from school WILL NOT be eligible to participate in any

              Little League activities until the player is off suspension from school (player returns to school)

           • Any player who quits, leaves, or abandons their team during the regular season is NOT eligible to try out

            and/or play for ANY post season team (documented medical reasons excluded).


         5. Team Managers are OBLIGATED to notify a Board member (President, Vice President, American/National  Major/Minor VP or American/National Player Agent) within 24 hours, either verbally or in writing after their game, to report any player who was not present with reason(s) why the player missed their scheduled game. Managers must immediately notify the Board if any player quits, leaves, or abandons their team so that the parents of the player can be notified and informed of the above rule by the Piscataway Little League Board. Managers who do not report absences or fail to notify the Board if a player quits WILL be subjected to disciplinary measures.



The Game Re-Scheduler will determine when the game will be played (earliest possible date). Games should be made up within one week; preferably Saturday or Sunday of the game week. Games rescheduled for Saturday will have a start time of no earlier than 10 am and on Sunday, no earlier than 1pm.


7. Starting Time

The starting time for games is 6:30 P.M on fields 1,2 & 5, forfeit time is 6:45pm and games played on fields 3 & 4 will have a starting time of 5:45 pm, forfeit time is 6:00.


8. Scorebooks:

Must be kept in proper order for all games;

Records must be maintained for both teams.

Pitch count sheets MUST be turned into the concession stand upon completion of the game. PENALTY: Possible suspension of the manager by the Board. Books are subject to periodic inspection. Piscataway Little League 2016 Local Rules


9. Practices for post season play may not be conducted at the Little League Fields. Only exception is for the Williamsport teams on fields 3 and 4. 10. The Williamsport team may not be chosen until the District allows.



• The selection of replacing a player will be a decision between the Major League Manager, the Player Agent

   and the  Board, with the Board having the final say.

• An inactive player is one who will not be available to play for at least seven (7) consecutive scheduled games.

• When a major league team needs to draft a player up from the minors to fulfill empty roster spots, no more than   1  player will be picked from one specific minor league team until all minor league teams have lost a player to a major league team.

Then and only then may a 2nd player be taken from a minor league team to a major league team.  


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