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It has been said that, “Behind every successful team, you will find an organized and supportive Team Mom.” Palm Harbor Little League has some of the greatest volunteer parents around. The Team Mom is the liaison between the Manager and the team parents and allows the Manager to focus solely on developing the ballplayers. Team moms are not expected and cannot do all the details. Parent Volunteers are needed to make the season enjoyable for all.

Team moms have the following responsibilities:

  1. Collect the medical releases from each parent and give to the Manager. You will also need to collect the volunteer forms from all coaches, safety reps and team mom or team parent. These will need to be turned in ASAP to the Manager. Volunteers are not permitted to work with the players until these are completed and turned in.
  2. You will be handing out and collecting all fundraising, picture day, uniforms and any other items that need to be passed out to parents. Please keep in mind that this may require you to make trips to the field on dates you are not scheduled to be there. This may require you to keep a back- up parent to help turn in items on time. This is the biggest part of your responsibilities.
  3. Prepare and distribute a rotating schedule for post-game drinks and snacks. This should be a small healthy drink and snack.
  4. Prepare and distribute a team roster complete with names, phone numbers and email addresses of Players/Parents, Manager, Coaches, Team Mom and League Player Agent.
  5. Be available to attend a “Concession Stand Orientation” meeting, held prior to the start of the spring season and instruct the team parents of their concession stand responsibilities. This is for all teams that play at Sunderman Field. All parents are expected to work at least the league required volunteer hours for the concession stand for that season.
  6. Assist the Manager with coordinating and conducting the pre-season team meeting.
  7. Stay in constant communication with the parents about things they need to know (rainouts, reschedules, concession stand work schedule, photos, team party, etc).
  8. End of Season: Communicate your intentions early in the season, with input from parents. Plan a team party….this can be held at a local restaurant, park or at someone’s house. A pool party at the end of the spring season is a big hit. Discuss with parents whether appreciation gifts for Manager/Coaches will be purchased. Instead of individual gifts, something that reminds them of the team will be appreciated (a signed team ball, photo album of the season, etc.).
  9. Last but not least, do anything you can for the Manager/Coaches to allow them to focus on the players.
If you have any question please contact Team Mom Coordinator:
Angela Armstrong 


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