Christian Men and Coed Softball League

Posted by JOHN Webmaster on May 04 2019 at 05:00PM PDT

   We are a Christian softball league that has a Men's Division (on Tuesday evenings) and a Coed Division (on Thursday evenings) with games beginning in early May and continuing into July.  We, also, offer a Saturday tournament for each division in June, for teams that are interested, at no extra cost.

    All teams that play in the league are Christian church teams from around the Metro Kansas City area.  We are from all denominations, and enjoy playing softball in a recreational league with other Christians. 

   We identify ourselves as a "Christian" league.  We need to make sure that everyone can see, that by our actions, that God is glorified in all we do.  We invite anyone to play in our league with the understanding that whether they are a Christian, or not, all will adhere to the biblical guidelines that Christians are to use on and off the field of play. 

(You can also visit us at 

To Participate in our NMCSL, contact John McFadden, President, at cell-816-447-1018.

Also, in the late summer, usually starting in late July or early August, and after the spring session is completed, we have a Double-Header league.  The Men's DH League on Mondays and Tuesdays.  The Coed DH league on Thursdays.  Please contact John McFadden (see above) for more information.


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