Touch 'em All and Technical Training Programs 2010

Posted by Corey Paul on May 02 2010 at 05:00PM PDT
TOUCH ‘EM ALL BASEBALL-Skills Development Series
Northwestern Baseball Academy

Sliding Techniques
Technique for improving Stolen Base Ratio
Training Methods and Mechanics for Developing a Pitching Velocity    
Ground Ball Technique
Indoor drills for Outfield Play
    Grip, Ball Transfer, Arm Action, Side Straddling
        Combines arm action and proper weight transfer
    Ball Rotation Watch
    Front Leg Pull
    Back leg Clamp
    One Bounce Long Ball Throw
    Ground Balls
        1. Charge the ball
        2. Run low
        3.Break down under control for the “big hop”
            A. Long hop vs. Short hop fielding
        4. Explode into the ball
            Big Hop
        Increasing Velocity on Throws
        Reduces excess steps before throw
    Round and Cut-off
    Back Hand        
    Do or die        
    Fly balls
        Emphasis on Fundamentals
    Normal fly balls
        Corrects bad habit of drifting
    Short Fly balls
    Long Overhead
    Throw to Each Other
        Video analysis
        Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Baserunning
        Game and practice...And So Much More!!! or 323-854-4379    
“Touch ‘em All Baseball”…We cover all the Bases!



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