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Pop Warner Football Is one of the oldest youth sports programs In America with the specific objective of familiarizing players with the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.It also provides children with the opportunity to play In an organized and supervised enviroment where the goal Is to keep the game free from pressure to win at all cost and to eliminate participation by any volunteer whose goals conflict with these objectives.Sustaining these objectives assures our community that the Bridgeport Pop Warner Organization offers our children an excellent academic,social,athletic and recreational opportunity.

The overall goal of Pop Warner Football Is to Inspire youth regardless of race,creed,or national origin,to practice the Ideals of sportsmanship,scholarship and physical fitness as reflected In the life of the late Glenn Scobie"Pop" Warner.

The Pop Warner Football League was established In 1987 here In Bridgeport and has been a tremendous success ever since and continues to be a family oriented organization.with over 460 children from the Inner city participating In this well known and respected program.Our children have the opportunity to compete In a positive and wholesome manner. imageimage
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Pop Warner Superbowl visits by Peewees

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1999,2001,2009 imageimage
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Pop Warner Superbowl visits by Jr. Midgets

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Championship Teams from the past.

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1996 S.C.P.W. Peewee Champs 1997 S.C.P.W. Jr.Midget Champs 1997 S.C.P.W. Midget Champs 1998 S.C.P.W. Peewee Champs 1998 S.C.P.W. Jr.Midget Champs 1998 S.C.P.W. Midget Champs 1999 S.C.P.W. Peewee Champs 1999 S.C.P.W. Jr.Midget Champs 1999 Connecticut State Peewee Champs 1999 Connecticut State Champs Jr. Midget 1999 New England Reg.Peewee Champs 1999 National Runner up Peewee 2000 S.C.P.W. Peewee Champs 2000 S.C.P.W. Jr.Midget Champs 2001 S.C.P.W. Div.1 Peewee Champs 2001 S.C.P.W. Div.1 Midget Champs 2001 Connecticut State Champs Div.1 Midgets 2001 Connecticut State Champs Div.1 Peewee 2001 New England Reg.Div.1 Peewee Champs 2001 Finished 4th In Nation Peewee 2002 S.C.P.W. Div.1 Midget Champs 2003 Bob Boss Tournament Champs Jr.Peewee#1 2004 S.C.P.W. Div.1 Peewee Champs 2004 Connecticut State Champs Div.1 Peewee 2005 S.C.P.W. Div.1/Connecticut State Jr.Midget Champs 2005 New England Reg.Div.1 Champs Jr.Midget 2007 S.C.P.W. Div.1/Connecticut State Jr.Midget Champs 2008 Bob Boss Tournament Champs Midget 2009 S.C.P.W Div.1/Connecticut State Peewee Champs 2009 New England Reg.Div.1 Peewee Champs 2010 S.C.P.W. Div.1/Connecticut State Jr.Midget Champsimage

1)Mike Draper,Tuke Dennis,Darren Ebron,Gevon Bradley,Glenn McClain Sr,Craig Sebastian,Pamm Hardison(Peewee Staff).

1a)Cliff Allen 1b)Mike Crumpton Sr.
2)Niyeem Lee (Hampton University)
3)Perquon Moore (Bassick, Southern Connecticut,Ct.Giants)
4)Jason Sapp (ND-Fairfield,Univ of Notre Dame)
5)Dawon Dicks (ND-Fairfield,Georgetown University)
6)Devon Brown (Harding,Southern Connecticut)
7)Brian Pratt (West Haven)
8)Kyle Chase (East Carolina)
9)Mark Evans (Trumbull,Western Conn)
10)Marques Ellis (Central)
11)Tyshon Brown (Bassick)
12)Sam Payton (Central)
13)Jamarr Rawles (Harding,New Hampshire,Ct.Giants)
14)Richard Snowden (Harding,Southern Connecticut,Ct.Giants)

15)Kevin Crawford (Bassick)
16)Alvin O'neal (Chairman-Coach)
17)Trent Allen
18)Akeem Wright (Central,Peirce College)
19)Dashawn Brown (Central)
20)Quentin Ramos (Harding)
21)Nick Pellegrino (ND-Fairfield)
22)Marcus Lindsay (Central,Bryant)
23)Frank Brown jr.(Ansonia)
24)Nyron Dumas (West Haven)
25)Sir Snowden (Harding,Southern Connecticut,Ct.Giants)
26)Tony Dejesus (Bassick)
27)Travis Dejesus (Bassick)
28)John Colter jr
29)Jerry Brown (Central)
30)Rob Rotonto jr.(Central)
31)Ed Dixon (Harding)
32)Chad Newton (Stratford,Central Connecticut State)
33)Chris Oneal (Bassick,Ct.Giants)
34)Shawn Young (Stratford,Dean College)
35)Ed Baker (Harding,Fairfield Univ).
36)Theo Jordan (Harding)
37)Byron Jackson (Harding)
38)Pedro Gonzalez jr.(Bassick)
39)Earl Herron (Central)
40)Demetries Ellis (Central)
41)Clark Allen (Harding)
42)Ali Langston (Weston,Uconn)
43)Johnathan Pellegrino (Harding)
44)Tommy Sparks jr.(ND-Fairfield)
45)Mikey Gonzalez (Bunnell)
46)Davil Campbell (Bullard Havens,Southern Conn)
47)Carlos Brown (Bullard Havens,Southern Conn)
48)Ivan Summerville (Bridge Academy)
49)Jamarr Jones
50)Alex Ramos
51)Mike Crumpton jr.(Bunnell)
52)Garrett Jones jr.(Fairfield Prep)
53)Kasheen Lee (Central)
54)Wesley Hanscome
55)Stephen Curwen
56)Sharoy Bentley (Harding St.Joseph PA)
57)Shawn Draper
58)Eric Richardson (Trumbull,Central Conn)
59)Giovanni Capozziello (Central)
60)Adrian Cauthen (Central)
61)Lawrence Richardson (Trumbull)
62)Wayne Allen jr.(Harding)
63)Fabian McCloud (Harding)
64)Darius Cobb (Harding)
65)Tyrell Wright (Harding)
66)Rich Perkins (ND-Fairfield)
67)Lenford Green(coach)
68)Carlin Beasley
69)Jennifer Kealy(cheer coach)
70)Darryl Scale (Stratford)
71)Keith Dennis(coach)
72)Jeff Grice(coach)
73)Rey Buzeta(coach)
74)Vernon Woods Sr.(coach)
75)Jason Prouty (Masuk)
76)Andre Devane (Harding)
77)Tito Diaz (Central)
78)Tim Gay(coach)
79)Bill Stewart(President)
80)Mrs.Brenda Walker(cheer coach)
81)Mrs.Robin Waller(cheer coach)
82)Mrs.Casondra Crumpton(cheer coach)
83)Mrs.Jody Kealy(cheer coach)
84)Mrs.Bell Buzeta(team mom)
85)Mrs.Anita Allen(cheer coach)
86)Mrs.Lori Pickett(cheer coach)   
87)Shawn Smith
88)Ronell Buzeta (St.Joseph,St.John's)
89)"Speedy" Alvarez
90)Steven Scinto (ND-Fairfield,Uconn)
91)Robert Rotonto Sr.
92)"Pop" Scinto
93)Mr.& Mrs.Dixon
94)Mr.& Mrs.Baker
95)Willie Smith jr.(Central)
96)Darrell Baker (Harding)
97)Robert Hanscome jr. (Central)
98)Bob Hanscome Sr.& Family
99)Niko Filippakis (Central)
100)Edgar Diaz(Central)
101)Marvin Cook(coach)
102)Marvin Allen* (Harding)
103)Dejuan Langston*(Central)
104)Rasheen Allen*(Central)
105)Franklin Robinson*
106)Willie Grice*
107)Paige Amado*
108)Larnell Jackson(St.Joseph)
109)Levi Jackson (St.Joseph)
110)Tommy Sparks Sr.(coach)
111)Mrs.Iris Calvine
112)Mrs.Lori Pickett(cheer coach)
113)State Senator Mr.Bill Finch
114)State Senator Mr.Ernie Newton
115)Sean Elam (Harding)
116)Johnny Daniels (Harding,USMC)
117)Manny Filippakis
118)James Moore*
119)Cedric Evans*
120)Lamarr McCray*
121)Kareem Dancy*
122)James Brooks*
123)Andres Landham*
124)Brendan Walker (Central)
125)Tony Smith jr.(Bowie State)
126)Terrell Pickett(Coach)
127)Marcus McCord (Harding,Uconn)
128)Will Rice(Coach)
129)Mike Porcher(Harding)
130)Dayquan Pickett
131)Tysaan Carter
132)Shane Johnson
133)Dominique Green
134)Ms.Paris Moore (cheerleader)
135)Ms.Briana Walker(cheerleader)
136)Ms.Olympia Waller(cheerleader)
137)Ms.Porscha Waller(cheerleader)
138)Ms.Molly McClain (cheerleader)
139)Ms.Erika Castillo (cheerleader)

140)Ms.Taneisha Rodgers (cheer coach)

141)Keith Carlos(Central, Purdue) 

142)Tristan Roberts(Ansonia)
143)Vinson Woods(Bullard Havens)
144)James Jackson(Harding)
145)Mr.Alphus Cobb Sr.
146)Ms.Victoria Waller
147)Jermaine Roberts(Central,Central Conn.)
148)Chris Finch(Central,St.Lawrence)
149)Charlie Hatchett(Stratford)
150)Darren Ebron jr.
151)Wayne Bentley
152)Rodney Lanham
153)Gilbert Gordon
154)Mike McClain
155)Daniel Carmichael
156)Isiah Gathers
157)Joshua Huff
158)Dayquan Brown
159)Joe Ezekiel
160)Casondra Dina
161)Ron McCord
163)Tracy Sims
164)Coach Tito
165)Ms.Janeen Crumpton(cheerleader)
166)Ms.Leah Ruas(cheerleader)
167)MS.Deshawna Peeler(cheerleader)
168)The Calvine Sisters
169)"Pop" Brown
170)Tyrell Ballard (Fairfield Prep)
171)Timothy Tripp(Harding)
172)Aaron Allen (Harding)
173)Tommy King (ND-Fairfield)
174)Hayward Jenkins(coach)
175)Wayne Scinto(coach)
176)Coach Cunningham
177)Tony Griffin (Harding)
178)Alan Dina Sr.
179)Jordan Dina
180)Willie Gray
181)Ishmael Muhammed
182)Isiaih Scales 

183)Shabashe McIntosh

184)Samuel "Big Lazy" Panton

185)Quentin Jones

186)Greg Bendolph

187)Hakeem Fletcher

188)Lamont Watts

189)Reggie Reese