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Congrats on a fantastic come from behind victory the boys beat Heights twice to secure another banner for the League.. Congrats to all the parents, fans and children.. And great job coaches.. I am really proud of all of you..

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Wanted, A Few Good Men.............

Posted by T Sartori at Apr 21, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
The minor leagues have been missing the base umpires at some of the first few games. It's a good way for an instructional coach to learn the game at the next level. Instructional coaches please check out the handout section for a schedule of assigned games. If you can't make the game you were assigned please make arragements to trade with someone. Minor leagues really need that second umpire on the bases. Thanks for your cooperation.
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Link to Batting Cage Schedule

Posted by BOB FRANCIS at Mar 11, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
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Posted by BOB FRANCIS at Jan 6, 2007 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
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Door to Door Update

Posted by PHILIP ROMERO at May 7, 2006 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Thanks to all who participated in the door to door fundraiser. We realize it was a busy weekend for most so thanks again. This is a big source of income for the league. Special thanks to Ed & Bridget Champino as well as Sue Dressel for running this fundraiser and spending there weekend at the field overseeing the fundraiser. They spent alot of time organizing it and should be commended. Thanks Phil