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Past Presidents

Posted by Wood-Ridge/Moonachie Little League at Feb 25, 2001 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
1952 Charles Miller 1953 Joesph Masbeth 1954 Chet Gorski 1955 James McGregor 1956 Russell Nelson 1957 Albert Tabor 1958 W.F. Maxcy 1959 Robert Gussman 1960 James Gibbons 1961 Hugh Johnson 1962 John Koegel 1963 Vincent Frattarelli 1964 Vincent Fratterelli 1965 Paul Edmondson 1966 James Love 1967 Edward Kaminski 1968 Peter Morreale 1969 Peter Morreale 1970 Peter Morreale 1971 Andrew Anderson 1972 William Smith 1973 Lester Cosgrove 1974 James Barteck 1975 James Barteck 1976 James Barteck 1977 Eugene Postaski 1978 Eugene Postaski 1979 Thomas Gonnella 1980 Richard Reiter 1981 John Kennedy 1982 John Kennedy 1983 John Kennedy 1984 Joe Biamonte 1985 Joe Biamonte 1986 Ralph Tarzia 1987 Dom Durante 1988 Bob Fritsch 1989 Greg Pepe 1990 Ray Tognella 1991 Jim Silvestro 1992 Vincent Massimo 1993 Vincent Massimo 1994 Joe Zielinski 1995 Joe Zielinski 1996 Jim Offitto 1997 Jim Offitto 1998 Jim Offitto 1999 Jim Offitto 2000 Jim Offitto 2001 Philip Romero 2002 Philip Romero 2003 Philip Romero 2004 Philip Romero
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Minor League Rules

Posted by Wood-Ridge/Moonachie Little League at Feb 6, 2001 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
1. Teams bat until 3 outs. 2. The batting order is continuous and all players bat. All children must play two defensive innings. The two innings mandatory applies to shortened games(due to darkness or time limit) also. If a child does not recieve his or her mandatory time it will be brought up before the rules committee and that team with the infraction will forfeit. 3. A 10 run mercy rule is in place. 4. Maximum 1 manager and 4 coaches in the dugout. 5. Two hour time limit when needed. If there is no game backing up the game in progress then the game may go over two hours. 6.Unlimited stealing attempts are allowed. The only stipulation is that you can not steal home. The only way to advance home is on a walk or a batted ball.
At our last meeting a question arose in regards to what are the responsibilities of the Director's. Briefly 1. To attend all meetings or be represented by a fill in and keep all managers and coaches of his or her division updated on league developments(events, schedule changes fundraisers etc.) 2. To make sure the rules set forth by the league are understood and adhered to (click Rules for division rules.) 3. To bring to the attention of the board any issues needing to be dealt with. 4. In summary the Director is the chain down from the board to the managers and coaches.
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Teeball Rules

Posted by Wood-Ridge/Moonachie Little League at Nov 14, 2000 12:08AM PST ( 0 Comments )
1. All games are 3 innings or 1 hour. 2. All games end in a tie. 3. All players play the field 4. Everyone bats every inning regardless of the number of outs made. 5. Even if a player is called out, he or she remains on that base. 6. Last batter runs all the way around the bases. 7. Runners can only advance one base at a time.
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Certified Coaches

Posted by Wood-Ridge/Moonachie Little League at Nov 6, 2000 8:23AM PST ( 0 Comments )
No coaches will be permitted on the field if they are not certified... NO Exceptions...