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2009 Home Run Club

Posted by Kent Dodson at Feb 27, 2009 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Cameron Baranek (NS Storm)             7 (2 GS)
Zachary Snyder (OL Diablos)               5 
Austin Negron (OL Lugnuts)                 4 (1 GS)
Nicholas Friebert (OR Dirtbags)           4
Kurtis Hight (OL Diablos)                      4  
Steven Hernandez (SE Mariners)         4 
Joseph Miramontes (AH Titans)           4
Mitchell DeLeon  (NW Bears)               3 
Adalberto Carrllo (SE Canes)               3
Christopher de Leon (OR Titans)          3
Grant Klasna (OL Cardinals)                 3
Gabriel Luebben-Rivera (OR Trojans)  3
A. Carrillo (SE Mariners)                      3
Alan Gonzalez (NS Dirtbags)                3
Blake Crandall (TE Titans)                  3
Zack Kleinberg (TE Bruins)                  2  
Chris Santana (NE Rays)                    2
Christian Castro (OR Titans)               2 
Dean Case (OR Trojans)                     2
Christian Jett (NE Dodgers)                2 (1 GS)
Michael Such (TE Bruins)                   2 (1 GS)
E. Nunez (SE Canes)                          1   
Art Cervantes (NW Utes)                    1
Michael Harlin (VP Elite)                    1
Richard Bearskin (VP Elite)                1
Christopher Logan  (SS Anteaters)     1
Luis Macias (Valley Yankees)             1
Max Huffman (OL Diablos)                  1
Adam Petersen (OL Lugnuts)              1 (GS)  
Joseph Velasquez (OR Trojans)          1
Charles Kendrick (NS Dirtbags)           1
Zach Vittetow (OL Lugnuts)                  1
Javier Lopez (OL Lugnuts)                    1
Juan Garcia (SE Mariners)                   1
Jonathan Mayoral (OR Dirtbags)          1
Boris Chan (TW Trojans)                       1
Ryan Giddings (TW Trojans)                 1
Fred Alvarez (NE Rays)                         1
Vicente Marquez (NE Diamondbacks)  1
John Zaragoza (NE Diamondbacks)     1
Chris Haymond (VP Elite)                     1
E. Acosta (SE Mariners)                       1
J. Uhm (TE Bruins)                               1
Colin Massey (OR Dirtbags)                1
Ryan Towne (NS Storm)                      1
Peter Arzola Jr. (OL Diablos)               1
Anthony Anguiano (TE Bruins)             1
D. Stablein (TE Titans)                         1
Tyler Keil (OR Dirtbags)                       1
Sean Struck (NS Dirtbags)                   1
Evan Shin (TE Titans)                         1
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2009 Home Run Club

Posted by Kent Dodson at Feb 25, 2009 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Zack Kleinberg (TE Bruins)              2
Steven Hernandez (SE Mariners)     1
E. Nunez (SE Canes)                        1
Christian Jett (NE Dodgers)            1 (GS)
Gonzalez (NS Dirtbags)                   1
Nicholas Friebert (OR Dirtbags)     1
Art Cervantes (NW Utes)               1
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2008 Hit counter 9515

Posted by Charles Kibby at Sep 7, 2008 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
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Managers/Coaches Meeting

Posted by Charles Kibby at Mar 21, 2006 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Junior Managers; There is a manager/coaches meeting on Friday March 31 at 7pm at Northeast Santa Ana Little League. You need to make sure that at least ONE (1) manager or coach from your team is able to attend this meeting. We are going to go over issues over the first quarter of the season and address any concerns you might have at this point. MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR PITCHING AFFIDAVITS AND PAPERWORK HANDED OUT AT THE LAST MEETING TO THIS MEETING!!!!!!!! Thanks Kent Dodson