Sept 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Posted by Wayne Johnson on Sep 27 2016 at 05:00PM PDT

BYH Board of Directors Meeting

September 12, 2016

Attendance: David Cook, Bob Hunter, Dan Doherty, Matt Wheeler, Mike O’Leary, Dave Walsh, Jon DuPont, Tim Mezza, Joe Mottollo, Sean Corcoran, Joe Marshall, Peter Pound.

Not in Attendance: Matt Haight, Andy Fox

Called to order at 7:10 By Mike

  1.  Attendance – Make an effort, If not able to live up to the commitment please step down. We have new families looking to step in.

    1. Currently have 1 open spot


  2. Registration items:

                USA hockey registration – all registered. 10 still need to be added in Thriva.

                Needed for USA hockey registration.

                Mass hockey – what is required to get high school kids.  Mike has email into Bradbury for response.  What is a volunteer coach?

                Valley League – need three X-ice teams. Program changed based on number of players


  1. Website – update

        Started project of looking into NGIN (Matt Wheeler will help)

  1. Financials:

                Taxes- Tax exempt status being implemented.  Need to refile the latest tax return.

                Need to copy 2012 file format

                Need to review the financial numbers.

                One family in a hardship.  Other people need to respond to emails.

                If you are not on a plan or paid by 10/31 your child does not play.

                Need to follow up with payment plans or kid doesn’t skate.

                Mike will go to those that haven’t responded.  Send a what is your intention email to the family.  Need to respond to by certain date. 

                Cross Ice impacts of not getting registered. 

                Need to review other towns/programs pricing, ice time, equipment etc (Dave Walsh has info)

                Need to find a way to cover the fee. Line item added to the invoicing

                Discussion around adding a late fee to payment plans or any one that hasn’t paid by 9/1


  1. Program

Mass Hockey:  Rep going to meeting every month

Mike’s has been sending emails to get things updated

Cori forms are in process

No coaches complaints

Level Coordinator communication – need to get it going- non coaches

Team updates Mike to send out email to coaches to get full rosters with number to Wayne

Practice times/games – times working well.  Cut some ice time to save $.  Got rid of Sundays. Couple of weeks we lose some ice Thanksgiving through Feb.  Minimal 2 touches per week.

Coaches tools – prosmart hockey/itrain hockey.  Want group to have BYH on website.  Advertisement on prosmart.  Board members voted to allow.

                Safesport coordinator – Joe Mottollo was volunteered.

                Good first week

Uniforms- Grey will be in 3 to 4 weeks

                                Sample in and needed to be changed


  1.  Fundraising

                Meeting next week.

                Want someone at Endicott to sell shirts.  Mike has the inventory and checklist.

                Wednesday at 5:00 to sell shirts. $10 for t-shirts and $5 for practice shirts.  Need volunteers to come in. 

                Canning 10/15.  All people (X-ice is optional)

                Hastings House for big event.

                Vote on equipment bin for referee room.  passed.


Coaches repayment – voted away at last meeting.  Still owe from last year. All coaches from 15/16 will be reimbursed. Accounts to be credited for payment. Need receipts resent to Executive Board.

  Board voted to coaches on the ice every week only to be reimbursed.  Need to limit the number of coaches per team at 6.  Board needs to vote on assist coaches. Head coach needs approval for assists. 









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