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2016 Cash Calendar Winners

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Welcome to the 2016 BYH Cash Calendar Winners page

Congratulations to all the winners;

 Jan 1 Patrick Agostino - $200 sold by Patrick Agostino

Jan 2 Mike Everett - $25 sold by Ryan Everett

Jan 3 Karen Barter - $25 sold by tyler Chin-Aleong

Jan 4 Catherine Bachini $25 sold by DJ Bachini 

Jan 5 Maria Bachini $25 sold by DJ Bachini 

Hat Trick Friday (3 Winners of $25 each)

Jan 6 Christopher Miller $25 sold by Josie Miller

Jan 6 Scott Singelais $25

Jan 6 Bob Jones $25 sold by Zachary Jones 

Jan 7 Dylan Zocco $50 sold by Dylan Zocco

Jan 8 Lucia Simeone $100

Jan 9 Ed Sprissler $25 

Jan 10 Leslie TenHope $25

Jan 11 Lorianne Gagne $25

Jan 12 Tim Buller 

Hat Trick Friday (3 Winners of $25 each)

Jan 13 John Holden $25

Jan 13 Gail Guitarr $25

Jan 13 Steve McCullough $25

Jan 14 Carol Shore $50

UML Tickets: Adrianne Cioffi and Anne Burns

Jan 15  Ella Agostino $100

Jan 16 Anna Michalski $100

Jan 17 Lucia Simeone $25

Jan 18 Mike Trombley $25

Jan 19 Don Grant $25 

Hat Trick Friday

Jan 20 Jody Rey $25

Jan 20 Betty Avila $25

Jan 20 Michael Bucyk $25 

Jan 21 Lynnette O Connor $50 

Jan 22 Beatriz Sampietro $100

UML Tickets:  Russell Rideout, Don Grant and Jody Roy

Jan 23 Mike Dembowski $25 sold by Ben Janvrin

Jan 24 Tony Cioffi $25 sold by Rocco Cioffi

Jan 25 Sheila & Michael Driscoll $25 sold by PJ Richman 

Jan 26 Michelle Crowell $25 sold by Kayleigh Crowell

Hat Trick Friday

Jan 27 The Dube Family $25 sold by PJ Richman 

Jan 27 Ricahrd Salvo $25 sold by Matthew Rex

Jan 27 Gina Doyle $25 sold by Evan Gray 

Jan 28 Terry Kaszynski $25 sold by Colby Kasszynski

Jan 29 Jacob Bucyk $100 sold by Bucyk

UML Tickets: Ron LeBlanc, Elle Agosturio, Kyle Ruston

Jan 30 Donna Bunk $25 sold by Tristan Lantz 

Jan 31 Jon Eon $25 sold by Ben Rheel 



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Sept 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

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BYH Board of Directors Meeting

September 12, 2016

Attendance: David Cook, Bob Hunter, Dan Doherty, Matt Wheeler, Mike O’Leary, Dave Walsh, Jon DuPont, Tim Mezza, Joe Mottollo, Sean Corcoran, Joe Marshall, Peter Pound.

Not in Attendance: Matt Haight, Andy Fox

Called to order at 7:10 By Mike

  1.  Attendance – Make an effort, If not able to live up to the commitment please step down. We have new families looking to step in.

    1. Currently have 1 open spot


  2. Registration items:

                USA hockey registration – all registered. 10 still need to be added in Thriva.

                Needed for USA hockey registration.

                Mass hockey – what is required to get high school kids.  Mike has email into Bradbury for response.  What is a volunteer coach?

                Valley League – need three X-ice teams. Program changed based on number of players


  1. Website – update

        Started project of looking into NGIN (Matt Wheeler will help)

  1. Financials:

                Taxes- Tax exempt status being implemented.  Need to refile the latest tax return.

                Need to copy 2012 file format

                Need to review the financial numbers.

                One family in a hardship.  Other people need to respond to emails.

                If you are not on a plan or paid by 10/31 your child does not play.

                Need to follow up with payment plans or kid doesn’t skate.

                Mike will go to those that haven’t responded.  Send a what is your intention email to the family.  Need to respond to by certain date. 

                Cross Ice impacts of not getting registered. 

                Need to review other towns/programs pricing, ice time, equipment etc (Dave Walsh has info)

                Need to find a way to cover the fee. Line item added to the invoicing

                Discussion around adding a late fee to payment plans or any one that hasn’t paid by 9/1


  1. Program

Mass Hockey:  Rep going to meeting every month

Mike’s has been sending emails to get things updated

Cori forms are in process

No coaches complaints

Level Coordinator communication – need to get it going- non coaches

Team updates Mike to send out email to coaches to get full rosters with number to Wayne

Practice times/games – times working well.  Cut some ice time to save $.  Got rid of Sundays. Couple of weeks we lose some ice Thanksgiving through Feb.  Minimal 2 touches per week.

Coaches tools – prosmart hockey/itrain hockey.  Want group to have BYH on website.  Advertisement on prosmart.  Board members voted to allow.

                Safesport coordinator – Joe Mottollo was volunteered.

                Good first week

Uniforms- Grey will be in 3 to 4 weeks

                                Sample in and needed to be changed


  1.  Fundraising

                Meeting next week.

                Want someone at Endicott to sell shirts.  Mike has the inventory and checklist.

                Wednesday at 5:00 to sell shirts. $10 for t-shirts and $5 for practice shirts.  Need volunteers to come in. 

                Canning 10/15.  All people (X-ice is optional)

                Hastings House for big event.

                Vote on equipment bin for referee room.  passed.


Coaches repayment – voted away at last meeting.  Still owe from last year. All coaches from 15/16 will be reimbursed. Accounts to be credited for payment. Need receipts resent to Executive Board.

  Board voted to coaches on the ice every week only to be reimbursed.  Need to limit the number of coaches per team at 6.  Board needs to vote on assist coaches. Head coach needs approval for assists. 








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Player Code of Conduct

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2016/2017 Learn To Skate Information

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Learn to Skate Program 

The Beverly Youth Hockey Learn to Skate program is designed for the beginner, who has never put on skates, through the skater who has some experience on the ice but wants to improve their skills. We also have skaters who are beginning to work on their stick skills as well. No child is too young or too old to learn how to skate. Some start as early as two, but ages four to six are more typical, as well as some skaters who start later than that. 


Location: Bourque Arena, Endicott College  376 Hale St. Beverly, MA 01915


Schedule:  20 sessions beginning Saturday, October 29, 2016.  Sessions begin at 1230.  Please have your skater ready to be on the ice by 1220.


If there is a need for a schedule change, it will be posted here:  ( 


Cost: $200  (plus any USA Hockey fees if applicable). 


Director:   Peter Pound -


RegistrationTo register for the LTS program, please first visit to register and obtain a USA Hockey ID # for your child.  You will need the USA Hockey ID # for the LTS sign up.  When you have your child’s USA Hockey ID#, please register for LTS at the “2016-2017 Registration Page” at  (    


Helpful Information:


·         Equipment

o    all participants must have their own skates (make sure they fit and are sharpened)

o    all participants must have a hockey helmet with a full cage

o    please write your child's first name on a piece of tape and place it across the front of their helmet

o    all participants must wear gloves (do not have to be hockey gloves; for the absolute beginner, gloves with fingers (not mitts) are actually better for holding onto milk crates)

o    knee and elbow pads are strongly recommended (do not have to be specific to hockey, but are very important because falling is part of learning to skate, and skaters gain more confidence when they can fall safely)

o    some skaters either start with, or transition to, full hockey gear (pants, socks, chest pads) in the LTS sessions, but that is not mandatory.

o    local sports stores often offer “learn to skate” introductory packages that include the basic equipment - for example, Pure Hockey in Danvers.

o    BYH has a number of milk crates for beginner skaters to balance on, but if you have crates (two on top of each other attached together) please bring them along.

·         Organization

o   BYH coaches and volunteers will lead the LTS sessions.  If you have experience and are interested in volunteering, please contact 

§  We are also in need of parents to assist with checking in skaters at the entrance and to assist with getting the bumper pads onto and off of the ice.  Please volunteer!

o    The ice will be divided into two groups early in the season, and then into three groups.   

§  Group 1 is primarily for first time skaters. Most skaters in this group rely on a milk crate for balance.  The focus of instruction for Group 1 is to assist skaters in developing independent balance and basic movement through drills and games.

§  Group 2 is for those skaters who have moved beyond the use of milk crates, but are still a little shaky on their skates. The focus of instruction for Group 2 is to further develop and maintain the skaters’ balance and movement through more accelerated games and drills.

§  Group 3 is for the more established skaters who are more steady and certain on their skates.  The focus of instruction for Group 3 is to develop skaters’ speed and agility.  When Group 3 skaters are ready, sticks, pucks, and hockey drills may be introduced.

·         Check-in / dressing / observing / parental encouragement

o   Please check in your skater before heading to the rink. Check in will take place when you first walk into the rink. 

o   Please plan to arrive early enough to get your skater ready. 

o    For safety reasons, spectators will not be allowed on the team benches.  All parents and guardians must remain in the bleachers.

o   Learning to skate is not easy.  It involves lots of falling, and lots of getting back up.  Parental encouragement before and after the sessions is critical - to help your child understand that with hard work they will learn a very fun lifelong skill, whether they later decide to try out hockey or not.  Through hard work, fun drills and games, your child will learn to skate.  But it takes their effort and your support to make it happen! 

·         Facebook

o   Please join the Beverly Youth Hockey Facebook group page at:   (