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2018-06-24T05:57:07.000-07:00June 24 2018, at 05:57 AM PDT, Daryn Thompson said:

Brickyard games are cancelled for Sunday June 24, no word on Streetsville yet.

2018-05-02T19:47:21.000-07:00May 02 2018, at 07:47 PM PDT, Artigas Cruz said:

Re: Schedule:
Sorry if you received a bunch of emails regarding the schedule being posted, it took me a few tries to iron out the kinks.
The schedule has been posted, I need to review it to ensure no errors but I have reviewed the 1st week worth of games and it's good to go.
You should receive a notification 3 days before each game, you have the option to opt out of that if you choose to.
If you notice any errors please contact me and I'll double check and fix.

Re: Player Profile
To be eligible to player in this league you need to have a *fully filled out profile*. This includes full name, phone number, email, address, DOB. This is vital and if you are not properly registered by the end of the month you will not be eligible to play this season.

*Team captains*, please ensure your entire team knows this and have the profile filled out. Players can contact me if they need assistance. You can load multiple players at once via a CSV file.


2017-07-10T06:38:43.000-07:00July 10 2017, at 06:38 AM PDT, Artigas Cruz said:

Team admins now have access to a spares list under the DOCUMENTS widget.

There is also the game sheets available there if you don't have any left.

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