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Posted by David Barlos at May 4, 2019 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Spring 2019 REGISTRATION:      
EMAIL for info and forms:   info@vysoccer.org 
Spokane Valley's LARGEST recreational soccer league
Mission statement: More Soccer, less cost ! TM 
Celebrating 18 years serving the Spokane community.  Volunteers go through a standard background 
check.   Players and coaches are covered by insurance for ALL soccer related activities.
contact info:    info@VYsoccer.org   EMAIL is best  
509-924-7661 (text or voice)    fax: 800-918-0683
Spring 2019 Season  outdoor league at Valley & Spokane school locations
EMAIL for info  
ages 4 to 16  (born 2014 or older) 
Spring Season -  April 13th to May 25th   
for registration info email:  info@vysoccer.org
Jerseys are additional and paid for separately (2 required)
they are available prior to the season start and at the fields
(cost is $9 each).  Jerseys are re-usable for future seasons. 
Online registration delayed while website is updated (expect completion by Jan 29th) Until then you can register by MAIL or DROP-OFF (Mail Box Center - Sprague & Argonne)
you may also use PAYPAL to valleysoccer@gmail.com (and then mail, email, or fax form). 
LITTLE KIKS program ages 3 and 4 (or fairly close)
HUB Sports Center - 19619 E Cataldo (next I-90 near Barker Rd)
next sessions:
Thursdays  Thursdays  5:30 pm    Feb 14th to March 14th
$59 - 5 weekly sessions
fun age-appropriate activities centered on soccer, designed to improve athletic ability
and introduce participation in team activities.
email for info on next sessions:  info@vysoccer.org 
Please read information below about regular league programs
Spring 2019  Age Chart / age divisions: 
Age Group Birth years: 
U-5     2014    (play 4v4)
U-6     2013    (4v4)
     2012    (4v4)
U-8     2011    (play 5v5 w/ keeper)
U-9 / 10     2009 and 2010    (play 6v6 or 7v7)
U-11 / 12  2007 and 2008    (7v7 or 8v8)
U-13 / 14   2005 and 2006    (7v7 or 8v8)
U-15 / 17   2002 - 2004    high school coed  (6v6)

note:  players may play-up in age, but not down
the best value in ANY Spokane area youth sport
Spring season includes approximately 7 or 8 games.
Games are played on SATURDAYS. 
Most games are currently located at TRENT Elementary (Pines at Trent) 
or TRENTWOOD Elem, but could be at other Valley or city school
also.  Practices are 1 or 2 evenings a week (determined by coach) 
during the season.
Teams are normally formed around SCHOOL areas and divided up between 
boys and girls and also divided by each soccer YEAR.   Practices times and 
locations are determined by the COACH, but most teams practice at a nearby 
schools or parks in the early evening hours (5:30-7:30pm).

There are several ways to sign-up...
(1) Click the "Register Online" button (at top of this page) to register ON-LINE
(note: online website provider charges a processing fee),
(2) go to the "Mail Box Center",  9116 E Sprague Ave, (Sprague & Argonne) to 
fill-out/drop off forms there, or
(3) by MAIL (9116 E Sprague Ave., #138, Spokane Valley 99206). 
Download registration forms by going to the "handouts" section of this website
and going to "forms" area. Forms
are also available at most Valley schools
and libraries (bright green or yellow forms).

(4) or call us at 924-7661 and we will mail, email, or fax you a form.
We try to make it easy for you to sign-up.  EMAIL if you have questions about registration.
We want your child to play soccer !  EMAIL works best (info@vysoccer.org) or call us
at  924-7661   (we are happy to answer your questions!)

 Click "My Site News" (to the left) for the lastest info about our program.


WHO WE ARE:  VYS is a recreational soccer league for youth (ages 4 to 16) 
in the Spokane Valley and nearby communities. 
Our league is run by dedicated VOLUNTEERS.
VYS is a true "NON-PROFIT" organization. Our focus is totally on the needs 
of the children and providing a fun, enjoyable, and AFFORDABLE 
sport for them.  A better soccer program... more soccer and less cost.
Compare us and see how we are different from the others:
1) COST ! 
More soccer, more games, less money!  Our cost are much less than other programs.
How do we do it?  We use VOLUNTEERS to handle most administrative duties and
we have the support of local businesses to help keep cost down.  
We offer MORE games and MORE playing time for your child than any other program.
This is VERY important because the "secret" to becoming better at playing any 
sport (and especially soccer) is playing time.  Every major soccer organization
says "the game is the best teacher".   PLAYING is how you learn - there is no short
cut.  Paying higher fees for "professional training" does little good.
Trained referees for age U8 and older (most other leagues require parents to referee
for U9 and younger). 
We offer programs with flexibility to meet your child's needs. Rather than follow
rigid, inflexible rules... we do what is best for your child and the whole program.  
Examples include allowing inexperienced players to play at their level rather 
than forcing age rules.  We also allow teams to continue year to year.
We have experienced and nationally certified coaches that VOLUNTEER
their time to help train your child's coach because they ENJOY soccer and working
with kids. We have FREE training clinics to help our coaches expand their knowledge.
Club staff are available to help coaches with their teams.
Covers ALL soccer related activities within our organization (including our summer

Help us by getting involved as a coach, volunteer, or team sponsor ! 
See the "My Site News" section for the latest events and news items.
Forms for all events are located under the "handout" tab.

© Copyright 2002-2019   All rights reserved - Valley Youth Soccer 
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Soccer program information

Posted by David Barlos at Oct 19, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Games are played on Saturdays at local Spokane Valley schools. Most games are currently at Trent Elementary (3303 N. Pines) or at TRENTWOOD Elem. (14708 E Wellesley), but there may be away games at other locations. The soccer year is from August 1st to July 31st. There are two separate sessions: Fall (2nd week of September to 1st week of November) and Spring (April and May). There are separate registration fees for these. Teams and their practices are normally centered close to their local schools. Practices for the younger ages (4 to 8) are normally one evening a week for about an hour. Older ages (9 and up) may practice twice a week. Practice locations are determined by the coach, with input from the team to find times that are convenient for everyone. Items needed by each child include: 1) SHIN GUARDS 2) SOCKS (to cover the shin guards) 3) SOCCER SHORTS (black or neutral color recommended) 4) SOCCER BALL: size #3 ages 4 - 7 (U5-U8), size #4 ages 8 - 11 (U9-U12), size #5 for 12 and older (U13 +) 5) WATER Soccer shoes are NOT required, but recommended for better traction. "tennis" or "athletic" shoes (no metal spikes, protruding spikes, etc)may be worn. These items should be brought to each game and practice.
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Sponsor a team!

Posted by David Barlos at Oct 14, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
For only $350 you can sponsor a "micro" soccer team (roster size 6 to 8 players) or larger recreational teams (9 to 15 players) are $400. Sponsor MULTIPLE (2 or more) micro soccer teams for $275 each or $325 each for larger teams. Sponsorship includes business name (or sponsor name) on the jerseys, and a listing on our website, and a "link" to your website. Printing on the t-shirts is a standard lettering by our supplier. If you wish to have a logo or other print on the shirts, there is an additional cost for the printing set-up fee. Sponsorships are for the current session (Fall or Spring) and must be renewed each session. Contact us for the form to submit your request for sponsorship.
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Age Divisions

Posted by David Barlos at Aug 31, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Soccer years were classified by CALENDAR year birth dates. The "U" means under as of January 1st. FALL 2018 Age Chart / age divisions Age Group Birth years: U-5 2014 (play 4v4) U-6 2013 (4v4) U-7 2012 (4v4) U-8 2011 (play 5v5 w/ keeper) U-9 / 10 2009 and 2010 (play 6v6 or 7v7) U-11 / 12 2007 and 2008 (7v7 or 8v8) U-13 / 14 2005 and 2006 (7v7 or 8v8) U-15 / 17 2002 - 2004 high school coed (6v6) note: players may play-up in age, but not down Teams are normally separated between boys and girls: U5, U6, U7, U8, U9/10, U11/12, U13/14, U15/17 Coed is allowed when requested (or necessary) at the younger age groups. Coed teams are normally placed in "boys" divisions.
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Posted by David Barlos at Mar 20, 2017 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )


In soccer, the games are NOT canceled for rain or weather.

The only time we cancel games is if it is "unsafe".  Normally, the
game is played as long as the field is "playable".

The only exceptions are when there are extreme or unsafe conditions.
This would include lightning in the area and when conditions (heavy
snow or rain) makes it impossible to play the game.