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Posted by Henry Gomez at May 13, 2018 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
  KC Spring 2018 - Playoffs
 KC Dodgers - Champions KC Astros - Runner Up 
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KC PONY Pitch Count worksheet

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FAQ about Kyle Chapman PONY League

Posted by Henry Gomez at Dec 5, 2017 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

About us: Kyle Chapman PONY League is a 501(c)(3) baseball organization that has offered uninterruptedly for the past 54 years, a competitive venue for league age 13- and 14-year old players that want to enhance their baseball skills - in that transition period between Little League and High School – to a level that will allow them to successfully compete for a spot in the baseball roster of the High School of their choice.

Levels of Competition & Number of Teams: KC offers two distinct levels of competition during their regular season, as well as a Select program. These two different levels of skills allow for an even distribution of the available talent, as well as presenting a unique opportunity for more proficient players to showcase their talents in city-wide tournaments.  Every year we have about 10 teams - 5 in each level – with 11 players per team, the National League and the American League.

Coaching Staff: The coaching staff of all teams (three or more per team) is composed by dedicated and successful professionals in their own fields - most, if not all of them - without a son in the league. These gentlemen have had a long involvement with baseball, having not only played it, coached it, or umpired it at all levels (high school, college, professional), but most importantly, they all know how to coach and elicit the best out of these young men and do so without expecting any monetary retribution

Tryouts & Draft: we offer two tryout opportunities: basic- and game-skills. They will take place during late January 2019, date and times will be chosen by the players during registration. After tryouts, players for the National League will be drafted first followed by the American League teams. Pre-season practices begin immediately thereafter,

Regular Season Games: They are expected to begin around the last week of February 2019.  Games will be played at our KC field located inside Bayland Park with each team playing mostly 2 games a week - Mondays and Wednesdays for the American league and Tuesdays and Thursdays for the National League. Weekends are reserved for our Select teams. There will be no activities scheduled during HISD Spring break or major religious holidays (Passover, Easter). The season will conclude around the second week of May 2019 and during our closing ceremonies, up to 4 summer tournament teams may be announced; these teams will compete in the PONY National tournament season. 

Previous major accomplishments: PONY-13yo: having won the 2009 World Series, and PONY-14yo: having earned the right to participate of the 1979, and 2003 World Series and having won the Houston Area Region 8 of the past 12 years.


Registration forms can be found here.  Please bring them filled on the day that you choose to register your player(s) image