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  • Stand must have a minimum of 3 parent volunteers from each team.  Each team is expected to staff the Concession Stand at various times during the season when their team is playing.


  • Siblings are not allowed to work the concession stand nor will parents pay for anyone to work the concession stand.  It is the full responsibility of the parents to work.  The team mom or dad is encouraged to make sure a schedule is set up for their team’s assigned dates/times.


  • No children allowed in the stand.


  • Parents will be working the entire shift for the evening.  Teams are not permitted to do “per inning” or share shifts.  We need to maintain consistency and avoid people coming in and out of the concession stand. 


  • 4 Parents are to be there by 5:15 pm on their assigned night to begin cooking.  Please plan on working until the last game.  When there are games scheduled for 8:15 on a Friday night, then another set of volunteers will be coming in at 7:45.  However, the first shift ends when the next shift is in the Stand. 


  • For the parents working on opening day, please be on time as this is a very busy day.  Any help is always truly appreciated. 


  • Check website for games/assigned night and rainouts.  It is the team’s responsibility to follow on the makeup date for the rainouts.


  •  If there is a rainout then the volunteers must report on the

makeup date.  Please make sure to check the website. 

This is very important as sometimes the date could be on a Saturday. 




The penalty for no-show at the stand is:  Game will not be played and forfeited!!!!




  • Food preparation

  • Waiting on customers/register

  • Keeping items stocked during the games

  • Re-stocking items at the end of the night

  • Cleaning grill/area

  • Empty trash in stand

  • A full list of duties will be posted in the stand


    At the end of the regular season and during play-offs, it has been a challenge and your full cooperation is expected.


    It takes a tremendous amount of planning and coordination to organize the Concession Stand including operating it effectively.  Remember this is done by volunteers.


    Thank you all in advance for your anticipated cooperation to make this a successful year!  Together we will have a great season.  


    Thank you,


    Patty McComb








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