Posted by Sherri Penney on May 04 2019 at 05:00PM PDT

Joe Bereza, President NMLL

303-451-9457 or 720-980-1525

For communication directed to the league president e-mail or visit their website

League Boundaries

North Metro (formerly Northglenn LL) serves the Northglenn CO area.

Beginning at the intersection of 168th Avenue at Sheridan Boulevard travel south on Sheridan Boulevard to 104th Avenue.

Travel east on 104th Avenue to Federal Boulevard.

Travel south on Federal Boulevard to 92nd Avenue, (Thornton Parkway).

Travel east on 92nd Avenue, (Thornton Parkway), to Washington Street.

Travel north on Washington Street to 104th Avenue

Travel east on 104h Avenue to Colorado Blvd.

Travel north on Colorado Blvd 108th Avenue

Travel west on 108th to Steele Street

Travel north on Steele Street to 112th

Travel west on 112th Avenue to York Street

Travel north on York Street to 120th Avenue

Travel west on 120th Avenue to Interstate Hwy 25

Travel north on Interstate Hwy 25 to 168th Avenue.

Travel west on 168th Avenue, (Highway 7), to Sheridan Boulevard.


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