Trade Announced - O'Neill for O'Hanlon

Posted by Michael Cahill on Nov 20 2016 at 04:00PM PST
The 1-4 Brewers have agreed to trade Chris O'Neill and his Man Girdle to the 1-4 Cubs for Mike O'Hanlon (that is the skinny Hanlon for those confused).  Some notes on the transaction .... Chris O'Neill was the 18th pick in the draft this year, hitting .308, and is itching to get on the pitching mound.  He is a career .319 hitter with an ERA of 5.56.  Michael O'Hanlon is hitting .250 with an ERA of 13.00.  He is your career walk leader with 102 base on balls through last season.  The skinny Hanlon is a career .357 hitter and has some home run pop despite his puny frame.  This trade make sense for both clubs.  For Kerr's Cubbies ... O'Neil and his large breasted boy toy Matt Valenzano are reunited and can travel together in their special vehicle from Kinnelon. O'Neil might see the mound now.   Kerr and O'Neil did win a championship together as a result of the worst trade in NRWBL history as Mike Cahill traded O'Neil for past Cy Young winner John Kearney.  For the Brewers ... Charlie Fausel has 3 pitchers already with Rip Sewell (aka Brian Croyle and his Eephus pitch), often injured old man DiMarsico, and Charlie himself.  The Brewers instantly improve their offense with the skinny Hanlon.  Good luck to both clubs.  


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