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Posted by Darren Luzon at May 4, 2019 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

 Schedule is in the process of being loaded. Write-ups are posted for last week. Good Luck this season boys!


2/26/18:  Congratulations to the White Sox - 2017/2018 NRWBL Champions !  


2/8/18: Congrats to the Pirates and Angels winning their respective divisions and earning a 1st round bye.  In the National League, Cardinals are the #2 seed (1-1 head to head against the Marlins, but 6-2 in Division Play).  Marlins are the 3 seed (4-4 in Division play).  In the American League, the Indians are the #2 seed and the White Sox are the #3 seed as they beat out the Yankees in head to head. 


1/22/18:  See schedule for 1/25/18 - 6 games to be played 

Top 3 from each league make playoffs

Seeds determined by total points (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie).

Tiebreakers for seeding: Head to head, then division record, then coin flip.

Tiebreaker for #3 seed:  Head to head record, if 1-1 in head to head, then 1 game playoff determines the #3 seed. 


Stats are attached. Write-ups are in progress 

2/1/18 - League Leaders -

BA: Kerr .553 Algozzino .531 Dwyer .520 Denise .510 Stewart .455

OPS: Kerr 1.970 Algozzino 1.910 Dwyer 1.829        Stewart 1.808     Denise  1.762

HR: D'Ambrosia - 9 Stewart - 7  Kerr  - 7         Dwyer - 7  Algozzino, Schuster - 6

H:    Algozzino - 26 Dwyer - 26 Denise - 26 Kerr - 26          D'Ambrosia - 24

RBI: Kerr - 20 Algozzino - 19      Stewart- 17 Schuster- 17 D'Ambrosia, Higgins, Mogg-15

R: Algozzino - 19 Kerr - 19 Finnerty - 18 D'Ambrosia, Stewart, Denise - 16


ERA:    Algozzino - 1.00 Lieberman - 1.36 Reilly - 1.50 Woody - 1.50 Finnerty - 1.60

WHIP:  Reilly - .90 Algozzino - 1.17 Lieberman - 1.18 Kerr - 1.18 B. Goggin - 1.42

K: Kerr - 18 Devincenzo - 15 Connolly - 15 Daly - 14 D'Ambrosia - 14

W: Our Monte - 4 Driscoll - 4 Jimmy Monte - 4 Wein, Dwyer, Connolly, Denise, V. Denoia -3 

S: Connolly - 4 Daly - 4  Higgins - 4 Finnerty - 3

BAA: Lieberman - .179 Reilly - .205 Kerr - .220 Algozzino - .240 Connolly - .250 




11/20 - Our Monte has posted stats thru week 2 under handouts.  Next week we have the Wednesday before Thanksgiving festivities with games starting at 8:30pm. Check schedule as a couple game times changed to accomodate Castaldo's Orange Crushes.  Good start to the season so far .. Keep your eyes out for weekly write-ups beginning soon.

Special video at the bottom of the page.   (Just above the 100th career question)




Congratulations to the Mets !  Great World Series by both teams (0-3, 1-3, 4-3, 2-0, 6-0)! 

On 2/25 ... Mets sweeps the Padres (3-1, 4-2) and Tigers swept the Indians (3-2, 1-0) - See Handouts 

For 2/25 ... We have the Indians / Tigers in the AL final and Mets / Padres in the NL final.

On 2/16 ...the Mets move on defeating the Giants (2-0, 3-4 (5 innings), 2-0) and the Padres somehow avoided the upset and outlasted the Marlins (7-6 in 6 innings; 3-5, 6-5 in 6 innings) in probably the best 3 games series in the history of the NRWBL.  (the Marlins were up 5-2 with 2 outs in the bottom of the 3rd in game 3 in this one).

For those that are interested in how the games played out on Thursday.... go to:

Customer ID: wwf68x3ez5

 Stats for round 1 of playoffs posted.

Congratulations to the Indians who defeated the Athletics (6-3, 6-5) and the Tigers who defeated the Blue Jays (3-0, 5-4)  both teams head to the AL final on 2/23.


2016/2017 Regular Season Stats Final Posted Under Handouts

Batting Title Goes to Michael Sidoti (0.596).  

HR Title Shared by Chris Dwyer and John Daly (11) 

Regular Season Complete - Playoffs Start 2/9 with Best of 3 for the 4 AL Teams and continue on 2/16 with Best of 3 for the 4 NL teams.  Need cooperation with doing the book and cleaning up as well as who takes the equipment.  Playoff schedule is posted.   

Week 16 Thursday, 2/2/17 - Cubs on the Book, Tigers on Clean Up, Athletics on Equipment (as AL plays on 2/9).

Playoff teams are decided but seedings are in play for Thursday.

In the NL ... Padres are the #1, Mets #2, Giants are #3 with a win over the Marlins.  Marlins are #3 with a win over the Giants as they will end up with a better division record.

In the AL ... Indians are the #1 seed with a Win over the Yankees.  Athletics are #1 with a win over the Tigers & Indians loss.  Tigers are #1 seed with a Win over Athletics and an Indian loss.  If Indians and Athletics both lose .. Indians are #2 seed.  Blue Jays are in and are the #4 seed.

Stats Thru Week 15 attached.

Batting Title Up For Grabs (Sidoti 0.585; Cahill 0.581; Algozzino 0.564; Becker 0.548; M. Dwyer 0.534)

HR Title to be decided (C. Dwyer 11; Daly 10, Sidoti 8; Algozzino 8)

Cy Young Contenders (M. Goggin 0.40 ERA with only 3 K's; M. Dwyer 0.35 ERA, 25 K's; Mike D, Cahill, Mogg in the mix)

MVP Candidates (Sidoti, Algozzino, Daly, C. Dwyer, M. Dwyer,)

Comeback Player of the Year - a couple names come to mind (J. Kearney, Mike Hanlon, Snoop (on the mound anyway)

Spirit Award (Gulezian 0.048 w/ 21 K's ERA 15.00 1 Appearance; Gallagher 0.0.59; ERA 13.50, many others in the mix)


Week 15 Thursday, 1/26/17 - Royals on the Book, Marlins Clean Up, Brewers on equipment.

Last regular season game is Thursday, 2/2/17.

Playoffs start 2/9/17 (4 American League Teams will play on 2/9 and 4 National League teams will play on 2/16/17).

Top 4 from each division make the playoffs. Seeds determined by total points (2 pts for a win, 1 pt for a tie). Tiebreakers for seeding:  Head to Head, Then Division Record, Then Coin Flip.  Tiebreaker for #4 seed: Head to head record, if 1-1 in head to head, then a 1 game playoff determines the #4 seed played the night of your leagues 1st round playoffs.

Stats Thru 14 games under Handouts 


2 games this Week - Regular Schedule Thursday, 1/19/17 and Friday, 1/20/17 we are making up the games from 12/8 (Week 8)

Thursday; 1/19/17:  Padres on the book, Indians Clean Up, Royals on Equipment

Friday; 1/20/17:  Yankees on the book, Cubs Clean Up, Tigers on Equipment  

Stats thru 12 games under handouts 

Playoff begin 2/9/17.  American League is tight with all teams still in the mix.  In the National League, the Padres Mets, and Giants have all clinched a spot in the playoffs.


Week 13 (1/12/17):  Athletics on the book, Padres Clean Up, Brewers on Equipment

(stats thru 11 games attached under handouts)


Week 12 (1/5/17):  Mets on the book, Tigers Clean Up, Yankees Take Equipment Home 

Week 11 (12/29):  Cubs on the Book, Blue Jays Clean Up, Marlins on Equipment 

Stats Thru 10 Games Attached Under Handouts  

Week 10 (12/22):  Brewers on the Book, Royal Clean-Up, Mets Take the Equipment  

Week 8 Games from 12/8 will be played Friday, January 20th (7:45pm - 10:15pm) 

Special Announcement - Keto - Under My Site News ! 

Week 7:  Giants on the book, Indians have clean up, Padres have equipment

Season to date stats attached (thru week 6)

For those looking to get themselves something for Christmas - check out this website:  ... some good wiffle ball stuff in there and under Wiffle Ball Resources check out the fields ,,, 


Looks like iscore has corrected their server issues.  To follow games along at home:

Customer ID:  wwf68x3ez5

Injury Update:  Old Man DiMarsico out for 4 weeks with a wrist injury.   

Week 6:  9pm start on Wednesday, 11/23 !  The Town of SP double booked the gym Wed night as both IMAC hoops and the NRWBL have the gym.  We worked something out that enables us to start at 9pm.  Let's keep the games moving looking to finish up by 11:30pm.  Kevin Hanlon slated to announce and O'Neil promises to wear his hideous girdle.  Check out My Site News for an important announcement.  Career stats and Week 5 stats under handouts as well.  See survey at th bottom of the home page for an Important Milestone Event that occured last week.   

Indians on the Book, Yankees on Equipment, Mets on Clean-up 


Week 5:  Marlins on the equipment and on cleanup.  Tigers on the book.  The NRWBL donated $200 to the Town of SP for the Santa Toy drive.  We have done this year over year as a way to say thank you to the town for the use of the gym.  

Week 4: A couple changes to the initial schedule.  Royals on Equipment.  Tigers on the book.  Mets on clean-up.

Week 3:  Athletics on Clean-up, Marlins on the Book, Yankees on Clean-up 

Week 2:  Giants on Equipment and Clean Up, Yankees on the Book 

Week 1 Stats posted under handouts.   Charlie (Rules Committee) sent a mail to the captains asking them to talk to those throwing too hard from the mound.  There were 46 strikeouts in week 1 - that's not fun.  5 or 6 guys were consistently throwing gas and those players need to slow it down - we have always tried to run things on the honor code - cooperate and keep it fun for all.  We also need to do a better job setting up early, cleaning up late, turn off the lights at the end of night, etc..  all need to be participate to make the league successful.  

Payment - Real simple.  If your team is not fully paid ($600) by the end of the night tomorrow (11/27), week 3 is a forfeit loss for your team.

Jerseys - Arrived Thursday afternoon.  Will hand them out to teams who had paid tonight. I will not be there week 3 (11/3).   On November 4th, Immaculute CYO is hosting pocketbook bingo at Kirkbride.  Please make surethe gym is left in good shape so the gym committee (Mike Dwyer) does not get yelled at.  Thanks.

Sub List under My Site News 

Live Scoring on iscore:  Follow along at home ...

customer ID:  wwf68x3ez5 


2016-2017 Schedule Posted Under Handouts 


2nd survey in the Who Is The Douche series at the bottom of page ...  

Answer:  John Daly 


2016 - 2017 NRWBL  

Draft Completed:

Charleston Marlins (John Howe) (NL) - Picks 1 (Castrello),24 (JR Stewart), and #6 in final round (30th pick) (Gulezian)

Salinas Indians (Chris Algozzino) (AL) - Picks 2 (Lenny),23 (Mike Hanlon), and #7 in final round (31st pick) (Mogg)

Walla Walla Padres (Keto Finnerty) (NL) - Picks 3 (Sidoti) ,22(Mike Goggin) and #5 in the final round (29th pick) (Junior)

Montreal Royals (Bobby Driscoll) (AL) - Picks 4 (Castaldo) ,21 (Kearney) and #4 in the final round (28th pick) (Jesus Monte)

Jackson Mets (John Daly) (NL) - Picks 5,20 and #10 in the final round (34th pick) - Trades Picks with the Giants and has picks 14 (Michalek), 20 (Schuster), and #2 in the final round (26th) (B Goggin)

Florence Blue Jays (Jeff Becker) (AL) - Picks 6 (Reilly), 19 (Matty D) and #3 in the final round (27th pick) (Gallagher)

San Antonio Brewers (Charlie Fausel) (NL) - Picks 7 (Dimarsico) ,18 (O'Neil) and #1 in the final round (25th pick) (Croyle)

Grand Island Athletics (Danny Higgins) - Picks 8 (Chris Dwyer) ,17 (Grosso) and #8 in the final round (32nd pick) (Snoop)

Waco Cubs (Brian Kerr) - Picks 9 (Valenzano),16 (O'Hanlon) and #12 in the final round (36th pick) (Mike Murphy)   

Dallas Tigers (Mike Dwyer) - Picks 10 (Connolly) ,15 (Scott Murphy) and #9 in the final round (33rd pick) (Lupica)

Pocatello Giants (Mike Cahill) - Picks 11,14 and #2 in the final round (26th pick) - Trades Picks with the Mets and has picks 5 (Lieberman), 11 (Wein)  and #10 in the final round (34th pick). (Our Monte)

NY Black Yankees (Mike D) - Picks 12 (M Denoia) ,13 (Woody)  and 11 in the final round (35th pick) (Vito Denoia)


10/12/16:  12 Captains:  Charlie Fausel, Mike Dwyer, John Howe, Chris Algozzino, Jeff Becker, Danny Higgins, Keith Finnerty, Mike Cahill, Brian Kerr, John Daly, Bobby Driscoll.

Field of 36:  Vito Denoia, Mike Hanlon, Adam Wein, Junior Lopez, Brian Croyle, Woody Woodward, Matt Schuster, Pete Connolly, Steve Castrello, Mike Castaldo, Mike O'Hanlon, Chris O'Neill, Jason Liebermann, Mike Goggin, Brian Reilly, James Monte, Scott Murphy, Our Monte, Mike Murphy, Mike Grasso, Bruce Mogg, Matt Devincenzo, Lenny Denise, Anthony Dimarsico, Matt Valenzano, Mike Sidoti, Snoop, Mike Denoia, Brian Goggin, John Kearney, Paul Lupica, Justin Michalik, JR Stewart, Brian Gallagher, Chris Dwyer, Jimmy Armenian Gulezian.

Draft 10/14 (Friday) - 9pm ... Draft itself will start closer to 930-10. 

150 payable to your captain.  Captains must submit 600 before start of week 2.  No exceptions.

Season starts 10/20 (Thurdays for 20 weeks)


1st survey of the new season is posted !  See bottom of home page. 

Answer:  Matt Valenzano 




OPEN BAR AND APPS 8:30pm - 11:30pm 

2015/2016 Champs - Kentucky beats Clemson 3-2 (1-0, 1-3, 5-3, 0-1, 2-0)  - SEE MY SITE NEWS 

Mike O'Hanlon wins the home run derby. 

ACC Playoffs:  Clemson beats FSU (0-4, 8-0, 3-0)

SEC Playoffs:  Kentucky sweeps SC (1-0, 4-2) 

Clemson and Kentucky in the Finals !

SEC Playoffs:  Kentucky sweeps Vandy (4-0, 7-6) and SC beats LSU 2 games to 1 (1-0, 3-4, 2-1) 

ACC Playoffs:  FSU sweeps UVA (3-1, 4-0) and Clemson sweeps Miami (6-4, 2-1) 

Brief Summary:  Clemson/Miami was a back and forth competitive contest.  Mike Grasso turned into Ozzie Smith in the field making unbelievable plays, Liebermann and Grasso were the hitting stars along with Driscoll who went 7 for 11 in the 2 games.  Behind timely hitting by Junior and Croyle, solid defense and pitching by Smitty, Castrello, and Croyle, FSU had little trouble eliminating UVA.

SEC up next week. 

Week 16 and Regular Season Complete - Final Regular Season Stats Updated - My Site News Updated with Stat Leaders and An Update to the Monte Rule Survey 

ACC:  1) UVA;   2) Miami;  3) Clemson;   4) FSU

 2/11 (starting at 8:15pm):  Clemson at Miami, FSU at Virginia, Miami at Clemson, FSU at Virginia, Clemson at Miami (if necessary), FSU at Virginia (if necessary)

SEC:  1) Kentucky;   2) SC;   3) LSU;   4) Vandy 

2/18 (starting at 7:45pm):  LSU at SC; Vandy at Kentucky,  SC at LSU, Vandy at Kentucky, LSU at SC (if necessary),  Vandy at Kentucky (if necessary)

2/25:  ACC Final and SEC Final (best of 3 series)

3/3:  Championship (best of 5)  - Also looking to hold the the home run tiebreaker between Gould, Driscoll, O'Hanlon, and Algozzino)

3/11 (Friday):  Year End Party at Red Rock 


Week 16:  Thursday, Feb 4:  Week 15 Stats Added -

Playoff Picture:

ACC:  UVA earns #1 seed with a win or a Miami loss; Miami earns the #1 seed with a win and a UVA loss.  Clemson is the #3 seed.  FSU is the #4 seed with a win or a GT loss.  GT is the #4 with a win and an FSU loss.  UNC eliminated.

SEC:  Kentucky is the #1 seed, SC is the #2 seed.  LSU is the #3 seed with a win or a Vandy loss.  Vandy is the #4 seed with a win and an LSU loss.  If both LSU and Vandy finish with the same number of points, LSU wins the head to head tie-breaker is the #3 seed.  Tenn and UF have been eliminated.

Round 1 is best of 3 with #1 playing #4.  (#1 gets home field for all game).  #2 plays #3 with #2 seed having home field for games 1 and if necessary, game 3.   


January 23, 2016 - Stats have been updated.  Week 15 - GT on Equipment, Tenn on book, UNC on clean-up.  Need book done as I will be late Thursday. 

Time to start thinking about YE awards.  Will Keto catch Becker for the Batting Title?  Save the Date Mike D is lurking as well.  Only 7 players hitting 0.400 or better.   New names on top in the HR race - Gould, Driscoll, and Algozzino all with 7.  9 other players with 6 or 5.  How about MVP?  Only a handful with very good hitting and pitching numbers.  All NRWBL?  Most improved is tough as well - Peter was something like 1 for 25 last year.  How about slimmed down Gould?  Denoia?  Gold glove tough this year ... could a robust catcher who consistently lays out on the floor sneak in and win?  Scott Bednar Cy Young is another tight one.   And the Spirit Award?  Our Monte has an ERA of 49.62, a WHIP of 19.55 (22 walks 1.33 innings) but has hit 3 HRs and has 11 RBIs.  Bruuuuuce and Vito D hitting below 0.100 ... tough choices again.  

 Playoff Picture:

Top 4 from each division make the playoffs.  Seed determined by total points (2 pts for a win, 1 pt for a tie).  Tiebreakers for seeding:  head to head record, then division record, then coin flip.  Tiebreakers for #4 seed:  head to head record, if 1-1 in head to head, then 1 game playoff determines the #4 seed.   

In the ACC:  UVA, Miami, Clemson battling it out for seeds 1,2,3.  FSU is the 4th seed unless they go 0-2 and Georgia Tech goes 2-0 over the next 2 weeks then GT gets the 4th seed.

In the SEC:  Kentucky, SC, Vandy, LSU all in and playing for seedings.   

 Week 14:  Stats thru Week 13 updated under handouts, standings updated,

For 1/21/16 ... Kentucky on Equipment, Miami on the book, LSU on clean-up 


Support NR Wiffle Ballers from the past and present at the North Rockland Sports Hall of Fame Dinner on January 30th (7pm at Platzl Brauhaus) as Mike Sidoti and the 1992 North Rockland Baseball Team get inducted into The Hall.  Mike Sidoti, Brian Reilly, Keith Finnerty, Chris Algozzino, John Daly, Darren Luzon, Mike D, Rich Calvario, Pat Carey, Rooney, Steve Castrello, John Kearney, Boom boom Kevin Burns ... should be a real *** show .... see Mike Hanlon or Mike Dwyer for tickets.  Under over on Mike Sidoti's acceptance speech is 58 seconds. 

Week 12 Games Scheduled for Thursday, 1/7/16.  Florida on equipment, FSU on the book, KU on clean-up.  Accurate book is a must on 1/7/16.  Thanks.

SEC beats the ACC 20-12-4 in interleague play.   

 Week 11 stats posted. 

Week 11 Games - Tuesday, 12/29; 8pm (UNC on Equipment, Clemson on the book, SC on Clean-up).  I will not be at the gym until 10pm so please make sure the scorebook is kept.  Thanks.  Stats thru Week 10 posted.

Week 10 - Game Recap -  

Algozzino continues his resurgence this season hitting a 2 run homer and pitching a 1,2,3 3rd inning as LSU beats Miami 2-0.  Sidoti added 2 triples.  The 2 conference leaders played to a competetive 4-4 tie as Mike Hanlon hit a 2 out 3run triple in the 3rd inning to send the game to extra innings.  The fan favorite voted 2nd best catcher in the league behind Our Monty, had 3 hits in the game. John Gould hit his league leading 5 homer and Cahill had a 3 run homer for UVA.  Lenny Denise had another strong game with 3 hits and 0 runs against in his inning of work.  The large nose power hitter has been outstanding on the hill all year.  Monty shines with nice work behind the plate and hits a big 2 run homer as UF holds off GT 5-4.  Castaldo had 2 hits including a homer and 3 RBIs.  Mike O'Hanlon had 2 homers in the loss.  Vinny Martorelli was wearing proper fitting clothes this week.  Umpire Matt hit a home run and got the win as Vandy continues to roll beating UNC 5-1.  Charlie hit a homer and had 4 RBIs.  John Kearney walked off hitting a bases clearing triple deep into the left corner as SC beats Clemson 4-3.  John Daly homered in this one.  Brian Reilly had 3 hits including a home run for Clemson.  Offensive woes continue for FSU as they are shutout and no hit by Chris O'Neil, Jesus Monte, and Ray Pawlyk of Tennessee.  Peter had 2 more hits for Tenn and is up there with the league leaders in BA.  

Week 10 Games - Tuesday, 12/22; 8pm (FSU on Equipment, GT on the book, Tenn on clean-up) 

Week 9 Stats Posted  

 Week 9 - Game Recap -

Vandy blows out Clemson 8-0 as Marty Springstead, Mike Denoia, and Charlie Fausel combine for the perfect game. (preserved by a great diving catch by Fausel to end the game).  Charlie and Denoia had 3 hits each including a home run.  Vandy has won 4 in a row.  South Carolina's John Kearney hit a 3 run opposite field home run in the 1st.  The 1st ball the dead pull hitter has ever hit to RF in his life.  Daly had 2 triples and Becker went 2/4 lowering his league leading batting average to 0.588.  Kentucky stayed perfect (9-0) coming from behind to beat UNC.  Dimarsico stayed hot going 4 for 4 driving in both KU runs.  UVA stayed atop the ACC beating Mike D's Florida squad 1-0 in an 11 minute game.  Keto and Driscoll hit back to back 2 out triples in the bottom of the 3rd as Miami rallied to walk off 2-1 against Tennessee.  Pete Connolly had one of the best catches of the year on the mound.  With the win Miami is now tied for 2nd place in the ACC.  LSU wins 4-0 over Georgia Tehc on a 1st inning grand slam by Algozzino.  


Week 9 Games Posted on the Schedule (LSU on Equipment, SC on Book, GT on clean up) ... reminder we play next week on Tuesday 12/22


Financials - We paid the additional $1000 to the Town for weeks 10-20 and renewed our insurance at $720.  We also donated $150 to the Town of SP Santa Gifts for Kids program.  We donated last year as well.  To date we have incurred $4545 in expenses and have collected $6600 in "tuition".  If anyone wants a copy of the financials, just let me know.  

Stats Thru Week 8 have been added under handouts

Roster Changes - Matty Sullivan tore his calf muscle and has been replaced on the UNC roster by Midnight Oil's Justin Michalek.  For GT, John O'Riordan has been replaced by Mike Martorelli's socks, a Men's Smedium Dubinsky jersey, and Vinny Martorelli. 

Week 8 Review:  Might have been the best night of fielding the league has ever seen - Mike Hanlon's diving catch from the dish, Connolly, Algozzino, Smith all catching rockets.  Probably 8-10 hits taken away from batters.  

Game notes:

SC beats Miami 2-1 behind a Becker 2 run double.  Driscoll hit his league best 5th home run for Miami.  Fireman John Kearney got Keto to groundout to end this one earning the save. Florida won an injury shortened game 10-0 over the UNC team of Matt Sullivan, Mike Murphy, and newcomer Sean O'Connor.  Matt Sullivan had a great night - popped up, struck out swinging on a ball that hit his neck, breast, and arm, and then tore his calf muscle bounding for a foul ball like a large mountain cat going after a wounded deer.  He is done for the year.  For Florida ... Mike D had 3 hits including a homer.  Home Runs also for Woody and Castaldo. Higgins shook off pneumonia hitting a home run as Georgia Tech beats Tennessee 1-0.  Vinny Martorelli has been called up from the AA Scranton Socks and Little Shirt ball club.  John O'Riordan relegated.  UVA came from behind beating LSU 3-2.  Nose Denise had 4 hits in this one and Adam Wein hit the walk off double just passed the outstretched but still short arms of Mike Sidoti.  Camou-Algo homered for LSU.  Vandy got the better of FSU as Bruuuuce Mogg hit his first career HR driving in 3.  Mike Denoia added 3 hits and Charlie chipped in with a couple two baggers and 3 RBIs.  Junior Lopez gave up all 8 runs on 6 hits and 2 walks.  Many stuck around for game of the night as the 1st place Wildcats from Kentucky beat ACC powerhouse Clemson 1-0.  KU had 3 hits each from Dwyer and Dimarsico and a big RBI triple from Mike Hanlon.  KU held Clemson to 1 hit.  The Clemson defeat along with the UVA win puts Virginia in 1st place in the ACC.  If the playoffs were to start UVA would be playing GT in the 1 / 4 game and Clemson / Miami in the 2 /3 game.  In the SEC, undefeated Kentucky would be playing Vandy in the 1 / 4 game with SC and LSU playing the 2 / 3 game.   

Check out the link .... wiffe ball information; leagues across the US, gift ideas, videos (the Palisades Wiffle Ball League is highlighted) 


Week 8 Games:  THURSDAY, 12/10 at 7:45pm (Clemson on Equipment and Clean-up; UF on Book) 

Week 7 Review:  Miami and Vandy played their week 7 game back on Orange Crush night (11/25) to a 2-2 tie.  Charlie and Keto both threw 2 shutout innings preserving the tie.   Behind HRs from Kerr and Long Stride Lieberman, Clemson beat Florida 4-2.  Reilly continued to impress offensively with 2 hits and 2 RBIs.  UVA tossed a perfect game against Tennessee winning 2-0 with HRs from Lenny and Cahill.  Kentucky remained perfect beating FSU 3-1 with Dwyer and Gould hitting HRs.  South Carolina beat up on Brian Goggin and Georgia Tech winning 6-2.  All 4 players for SC had 2 hits a piece and drove in runs.  The skinny Hanlon (Mike O'Hanlon) hit 2 HRs in the loss.  Behind 2 HRs off Mike Sidoti's bat, LSU beat UNC 2-1.  Vito Denoia got the win.  

No write-ups Week 6 --- apologies to Mike Murphy (Big 2 walk off 2 run homer); Peter Connolly (4 for 4 with a HR); Mike Hanlon (5 walks); Lenny (HR off Becker and 5 RBIs); and Woody (2 HR's and 5 RBIs).

Week 6 Games:  WEDNESDAY, 11/25 (LSU on the book, FSU on clean up, Florida takes the equipment home) 

Week 5 stats updated, Write-ups done.


11/16/15:  Week 4 stats posted.  Write-ups done.  Important survey below.


Week 1 Update - 

Game write-ups posted.  You can find them by clicking on last weeks game on the home screen.  Thank you Mike Hanlon for your help.  Week 1 stats posted under handouts.  Thank you Charlie Fausel.  Great 1st week.  Week 2 games are being played on Thursday, October 29th.  UVA on equipment, UF on the scorebook for the night, and Miami has clean up duty. 

10/20/15:  The answer to the 1st survey question of the year .... "Name the Matt who said, Thursday Night Footballers aren't going to be thrilled, I wonder" ..... Answer:  Matt Schuster

New survey at the bottom of the page - Involves "Our Monte", Mike D, Keto and the number 100.


 Welcome to the 8th season of NRWBL !

2015-2016 Divisions and Draft Pick Selection 


South Carolina (Red):  Picks 1,24 and #1 pick in 3rd rd (Becker, Daly (1), M. Goggin (24), J Kearney (25))

LSU (Purple/Yellow Letters):  Picks 3,22 and #7 in 3rd rd (Algozzino, Sidoti (3), Matty D (22), Vito D (31))

Vanderbilt (Black):  Picks 5,20 and #3 in the 3rd rd (Fausel, Valenzano (5), M. Denoia (20), Mogg (27))

Kentucky (White/Blue Letters):  Picks 7,18 and #5 in 3rd rd (Dwyer, Dimarsico (7), Gould (18), Hanlon (29))

Tennessee (Orange/ Black Letters):  Picks 9.16 and #9 in 3rd rd (Pawlyk, Connolly (9), O'Neil (16), James Monte (37))

Florida (Blue/Orange Letters):  11,14 and #12 in the 3rd rd (Mike D, Castaldo (11), Woody (14), Our Monte (36))



Florida St (Maroon):  Picks 2,23 and #10 in the 3rd round.  (Smith, Castrello (2), Croyle (23), Junior (34))

Miami (Green):  Picks 4,21 and #2 in the 3rd round.  (Keto, Driscoll (4), Landy (21), Schuster 27))

UVA (Dark Blue):  Picks 6,19 and #8 in the 3rd round.  (Cahill, Lenny (6), Wein (19), Snoop (32))

UNC (Light Blue):  Picks 8,17 and #11 in the 3rd round.  (Howe, Sullivan (8), S. Murphy (17), M. Murphy (35))

Clemson (Orange/White Letters):  Picks 10,15 and #4 in the 3rd round.  (Kerr, Reilly (10), Grasso (15), Liebermann (28))

Georgia Tech (Yellow):  Picks 12,13 and #6 in the 3rd round.  (Higgins, O'Hanlon (12), Johnny O (13), B Goggin (30)




Friday, 10/9 (9pm at Red Rock) - Draft Night 

Monday, 10/5 (9pm at Halligans)  Captains Meeting:  Draft order to be selected; 3rd Round (last round) Draft Order to be selected as well.  Rules review, Role Assignment, etc



Your 12 Captains - Algozzino, Higgins, Cahill, Dwyer, Keto, Becker, Kerr, Howe, Fausel, Mike D, Pawlyk, Smitty

The "36":  Driscoll, Grasso, Mike Goggin, Snoop, Castrello, Schuster, Vito Denoia, Castaldo, O'Neill, Woody, Lenny, Johnny O, Reilly, Dimarsico, Mike Murphy, Scott Murphy, Sidoti, Landy, John Kearney, Valenzano, Devincenzo, Brian Goggin, Gould, Monte, Matty Sullivan, Mike Denoia, Daly, O'Hanlon, Junior, Adam Wein, Hanlon, Connolly, Croyle, Jason Lieberman, Jimmy Monte, Bruce Mogg.



Support Matt's Uncle; Dan Sullivan - This Saturday 4/18/15; 8pm  at Albertus Magnus HS as John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band are set to perform !


3/30/15:  NCAA Pool Updated - 4 teams left:  Michigan St (Adam), Duke (Chris), Kentucky (Snoop), Wisconsin (Vito)

3/26/15: NCAA Pool Updated - (see Handouts) - 16 teams left

3/17/15:  Great time Friday night.  Congrats to the winners.  NCAA pool posted under Handouts.  Snoop has Kentucky - should we just hand him 300 now?




3/5/15:  Congratulations to the Pirates - Your 2014 / 2015 Winter Seeason Champions.  Back to back years for O'Neil.  Charlie's 2nd.  1st time for Ray Pawlyk and Rookie Mike Castaldo.   Pirates started the season 0-3.  Their next 21 games ... 18-2-1.  That is impressive.  

Post Season Final Status Under Handouts

Write-ups for final can be found by clicking schedules, national league, and highlight the game you are looking for.  


3/3/15:  New Survey Added ! 

2/26/15: Congratulations to the Pirates and Orioles !  Write ups done, stats updated.   

2/11/15:  White Sox over the Athletics (3-2; 7-8; 6-1)

2/11/15:  Rockies over the Expos (1-0; 2-4; 2-1) 

2/8/15: Regular Season Final Stats Attached. 2/11 and 2/18 playoff game schedule set.  Click Events on the left hand side.

2/3/15:  See Revised Game Schedule for 2/4/15.  Every game has playoff implications.  Stats thru game 15 updated.  Playoff scenarios and seedings are complicated.  Throw ties in the mix and even more complicated.   


Pirates have the #1 seed.  Rockies have the #2 seed.  Expos have clinched #3 seed.   

4th and last playoff spot:

Nationals are #4 seed with a win and a Diamondbacks and Braves loss.

Diamondbacks are #4 seed with a win and a Braves loss.  (doesn't matter what the Nationals do as D'Backs win tiebreaker with Nationals)

Braves are #4 seed with a Win or a loss if Diamondbacks and Nationals both lose.


AL: (courtesy of Calvario) (Cahill updates made 2/3/15)

Orioles are in.

Tigers are in with a W. Tigers are out with a L and a White Sox W and Royals win (only scenario where they are knocked out).   Tigers can also get in with a L if (Royals W, White Sox L) or (Royals L,  White Sox L).  Tigers are out if they lose and (Royals W, White Sox W).  I think they are also out with a loss and (Royals L, White Sox W) as 3 teams (A's, Tigers, Yanks) will have 17 points for the last 2 playoff spots.  Head to Head records - no clear cut winner.  Go to division record (A's would be 5-4-1, Yanks 5-4-1, Tigers 3-6-2).  Tigers out.  Not 100% sure with that scenario. 

White Sox are in with a W.  White Sox are in with a L and Yanks L And A's L.  White Sox and Royals will have a 1-game playoff with White Sox L, Royals L and A's L

Royals are in with a W.  Out with a loss, except the one-game playoff scenario above.

A's out with a L.  A's are In with a win and a White Sox L.   Think A's are in with a Win; Out with a Loss.  (see Tigers above)

Yanks out with a L.  Yanks in with a win and A's L or White Sox loss.  Think Yanks in same boat as A's - Yank in with a Win, Out with a Loss

 1/26/15:  Stats thru Game 14 updated.  The pitch velocity continues to be a concern with many throwing too hard. 

No individual game write-ups this week.  A recap of 1/21/15:  Diamondbacks stay right in the playoff hunt with a 0-0 tie against the hated Pirates.  Pat Carey strikes out 4 of the 6 he faced.  Charlie Fausel and Ray Pawlyk worked out of trouble in their respective innings.  With the chest bumps, batting practice, headbands, Castaldo's fielding style, and O'Neill's celebratory dances .. the Pirates are getting many boos from the crowd.  The Rockies beat the struggling Braves 5-3 behind Daly's 2 homers and Mike D's explosive balls.    Braves are 0-8 when all 4 players present.  No team chemistry there Danny.  Athletics surprise the Tigers 3-2 as Matty Sullivan homers off Jeff Becker.  Brian Goggin booted 2 more balls giving him 37 errors for the season.  Expos shutout the Nationals 4-0 behind a couple triples by Mike Grasso and Chris Algozzino's 4th triple of the year.  Nationals are averaging 0.8 runs per game.  Brian Smith hits a walk off in the an extra frame as the Orioles beat the White Sox 1-0.   In the most entertaining game of the evening ... the Yankees beat the Royals 6-5 scoring 5 runs off Mike Dwyer in the 3rd.  After Dwyer's bases clearing triple in the 1st, it looked bad for the Yanks, but Keith Finnerty had the eyebrows working hitting a triple and 2 homers (all 5 RBIs in the inning) - probably the best single inning performance of the season.


1/23/15:  As we get closer to the playoffs - here is how the seeds and tie-breakers work:  (same as last year)

Top 4 from each division make the playoffs.  Seed detemined by total points (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie). Tie breakers for seeding:  head to head record then division record ... if still a tie, coin flip.  If there is a tie for the #4 seed (the last playoff spot) .. better head to head record gets the 4 seed.  If 1-1 in head to head, then 1 game playoff to determine the #4 seed.   (any play in games occur 2/11 or 2/18 depending on the League)


2/11:  Best of 3  Series

NL #1 seed (gets home field all three games) vs.  NL #4 seed

NL #2 seed (home field for games 1 and 3) vs. NL #3 seed


2/18:  Best of 3 Series  

AL #1 seed (gets home field all three games) vs.  AL #4 seed

AL #2 seed (home field for games 1 and 3) vs. AL #3 seed


2/25:  League Championships (Best of 3)

3/4:  World  Series (Best of 5)


1/21/15: Revised Stats uploaded under handouts.  I used the iscore application to true-up any errors made doing he stats manually.

1/13/15:  Game 13 tomorrow.  All teams still in the playoff race.  Diamondbacks on equipment, Athletics on the book, Pirates have clean up duties. 

 1/2/15:  Good day yesterday.  Write-ups posted; stats thru game 11. 

 12/29:  Stats Updated Thru 10 Games, 1/1/15 (Thursday) Schedule Posted (WE ARE STARTING AT NOON), No Write-Ups this week (my apologies to Junior, Higgins, Mike Kearney, B Reilly, Dimarsico, Calvario, Howe, Daly, Dwyer, Snoop (mound only)   ... all had nice performances. 

Looked like the kids had a good time Friday night.  Some nice swings in there - great bunch of kids.

American League out does the National League going 21-14-1 !

For Jan 1 .... If a Pizza Place open, I'll bring up a bunch of pies at noon.  Rockies on Equipment, Royals on the Book, Diamondbacks on Clean Up.  If gym still available when we are done with are games, hoops anyone?  Excellent college football games on later in the afternoon/night as well.

Lastly - We all (including me) need to get back to having a good time laughing with each other, not taking whiffle ball too serious ... We have a great thing going - not because you get a chance to win a $6 broken trophy from Anco or win a $19 made in China, knock-off jersey that will not fit right because it is a knock-off jersey made in China, but because we have a local hangout once a week where you can hit a triple and not have to run it out, have a beer, and laugh at Matty Sullivan when his shorts are pulled up to his nipples.   

12/26:  Sounds like beginning games at 12pm (noon) on 1/1/15 works best for most.  See updated schedule in handouts.

12/22:    Reminder - NRWBL Game 10 - Friday, 12/26 beginning at 7:45pm.  Kids night !  Home run derby for the kids beginning at 7pm.  Write-ups for game 9 posted.  Stats thru game 9 posted.   

12/18:  Bat Throwing Rule Instituted:  Effective beginning with game #10 (Friday, 12/26)

Any thrown bat results in the batter being called out, ejection from the game, and suspended for next game.   Team also assessed an additional out.  Note:  If you are playing with 3 players and one gets ejected, you forfeit the game.   


12/15/14:  Stats thru game 8 added (under handouts).  Write-ups for game 7.  For 12/17 ... Royals on Equipment, Orioles on the Book, Rockies on cleanup.

American League holds the advantage 13-10-1 over the National League in interleague play. 

12/8/14:  Stats thru game 7 added (under handouts).   Write-ups for last week's games can be found by clcking schedules then click National League, then highlight the 12/3 game. 

Reminder:  Kids Night is Friday, 12/26 at 7pm.   Regarding kids ... let's try to stick to 1 night (12/26) for the kids. 

2nd Reminder:  Many still owe 160.  If not paid up before your game on 12/17, you are not eligible to play.

 12/3/14:  Stats thru game 6 added (under handouts).  New survey question (under My Site News).  Schedule updated under handouts.  Games originally scheduled on 12/31 will be played on 1/1/15 beginning at 6:45pm.

 12/1/14:  Special thanks to Kevin Hanlon for announcing last week.  Good stuff.  Write-Ups for last week's games can be found by clicking on Schedules then click National League then highlight the 11/26 game.  (Not sure why this happens on occassion on the eteamz site)

11/26/14:  Games are on for tonight.  Please give yourself extra time and be careful.  

Captains - If you cannot field a team, go to the sub list below.  If still no luck, please reach out to Kerr.

10/13/14 - Sub List -

1) Brian Croyle (914-629-2957)

2) Pete Connolly (845-558-4144)

3) Joe Brady (845-422-0688)

4) Joe Shelley (845-821-3298) (available for games 3, 4, 5, or 6 of every night)

5) Marcos Munoz (845-558-0634) (available for games 1 or 2 of every night)

6) Mike Rooney (845-323-3538)

7 thru ?) Andy Valenzano,  Brian Gallagher (917-439-5259), Joe Quinn, Sal Creco, Pat Colligan, Jimmy Monte



Eventful draft Friday evening with a couple surprises and no clear cut favorite to win the title this year.  Several captains left staring atthe board well after midnight trying to figure out what the f*ck happened.  John Howe surprised many taking Matty Sullivan with the 7th pick and then shocked everyone (especially Kerr) taking warning track power career 0.132 hitter big Dave Mumford with the 3rd pick in the final round.  Adam Wein had a great tryout and was taken #1 in the 2nd round (13th overall) by Pat Carey.  Slight surprise.  Lenny "Nose" Denise was overlooked by many (including Becker) and slipped to 9th overall.  

Team Name / Captain 

 American League 

1.  Royals (Mike Dwyer) Lenny Denise (9) John O'Riordan (16) Paul Lupica (34)

2.  White Sox (Rich Calvario)  Brian Reilly (11)  Anthony Dimarsico (14)  Mike Murphy (33)

3.  Yankees (Keith Finnerty)  Mike Sidoti (3)  Landy Rodriguez (22)   John Kearney (30)

4.  Tigers (Jeff Becker)   Matt Valenzano (5)  Matt Devincenzo (20)   Brian Goggin (28)

5.  Orioles (Brian Kerr)  Brian Smith (1)   John Gould (24)   Monty (36)

6.  Athletics (John Howe)  Matt Sullivan (7)  Mike Denoia (18)   Dave Mumford (27)


National League  

 1.  Pirates (Charlie Fausel)  Ray Pawlyk (6)   Mike Castaldo (19)  Chris O'Neill (26)

2.  Rockies (Mike D)  John Daly (2) Woody Woodward (23)   Snoop (29)

3.  Braves (Danny Higgins)  Mike Kearney (10)  Mike O'Hanlon (15)  Junior Lopez (35)

4.  Nationals (Mike Cahill)  Steve Castrello (4)  Matt Schuster (21)   Vito Denoia (32)

5.  Expos (Chris Algozzino)  Bobby Driscoll (8)  Mike Grasso (17)   Mike Goggin (31)

6.  Diamondbacks (Pat Carey)   Scott Murphy (12)  Adam Wein (13)  Mike Hanlon (25)    




9/30/14 - Breaking News ... Large chested, hard throwing lefty Brian Coyle will be undergoing season ending Tommy John surgery.  Dr. Finnerty will be performing the procedure in his shed with some sharp glass he found.  His replacement is Mike Hanlon's boy-toy, Mike O'Hanlon.  Most of us know him as the skinny Hanlon.  The Captains are perplexed.  Are we getting the Mike O'Hanlon that walked 49 batters in a single season or the Mike O'Hanlon that hit 9 HRs and drove in 36 runs.  

Career Stats (including post season are posted under Handouts/Stats)

Same league set up as last year with 2 Divisions, 6 teams in each, with top 4 from each divsion making the playoffs.  Team names yet to be determined.  Division 1 (Kerr, Keto, Becker, Howe, Dwyer, Calvario).  Division 2 (Mike D, Cahill, Charlie, Chris A, Higgins, Carey). 

Friday, October 3rd, 9pm - Draft Party

9:15pm - Gould, Wein, Castaldo, Vito Denoia, Mike Goggin - tryouts begin - Junior will run the throwing session; Monty will be running the bating station soft tossing .  Balls, bats, pop up screen to be provided.

10pm - Draft Begins 


9/22/2014 - Captains - The Group of 36 (Your Draft):  John O'Riordan, Bobby Driscoll, Brian Goggin, Steve Castrello, Mike Murphy, Mike Kearney, Mike Denoia, Chris O'Neill, Junior Lopez, Mike Sidoti, Matt Devincenzo, John Kearney, John Daly, Woody Woodward, Dave Snoop Mugavero, Brian Smith, Scott Murphy, Craig Monty McLaughlin, Anthony Dimarsico, Matty Sullivan, Mike Grasso, Mike Hanlon, Matt Schuster, Landy Rodriguez, Brian Reilly, Paul Lupica, Lenny Denise, Mike O'Hanlon, Matt Valenzano, David Mumford, John Gould, Mike Goggin, Vito Denoia, Mike Castaldo, Adam Wein, Ray Pawlyk.

For the 5 New Comers (minus Carey):  Gould, Wein, Castaldo, Vito Denoia, Mike Goggin, ,,, Brief tryout on Draft Night (10/3) at 9:15pm at Red Rock.  League will supply balls, bats. 

9/19/2014 - 2014/2015 Season 

The NRWBL Board held a meeting last evening on the grounds of the Calvario Estate welcoming in the 2014/2015 Season.  

Item 1 on the agenda -- Captains Selection.  

Off the heals of a sub-par, injury filled season batting 0.308 with an ERA of 3.23, Ray Pawlyk has been relagated to the group of 36.  Tough decision .... Razor had a career BA of 0.559 going into the 2013/2014 Season - that's good for #6 on the career list.  Ultimately, it was the injuries (bad shoulder, ankle/achilles issues, sore vagina) and the inability to consistently get on the mound that pushed the board to move the big man.  Welcome back 2x Batting Champion Pat Carey to the top 12.  

Chris Algozzino has been put on notice.  Look as these numbers ... 0.213 BA, 0.284 OB%; 1 HR and 6 RBIs in 67 plate appearances, are you kidding me?  Your a 2 time champion, a NR legend, a career leader in most categories.  The NRWBL Board has put you on notice ... bat at least 0.300 with 4 or more home runs or relagation.

DRAFT:  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd (9pm) at Red Rock 


This year's Captains and the order in which they draft are:

(Note:  the 3rd round (last round) order will be determined on draft night)

(Captains - You can trade your picks with other captains; i.e. Kerr trades picks 1 and 24 to for Becker's 5 and 20) 

Brian Kerr (picks 1, 24)

Mike D (picks 2,23)

Keto: (picks 3, 22)

Cahill:  (picks 4, 21)

Jeff Becker:  (picks 5, 20)

Charlie Fausel:  (picks 6, 19)

John Howe:  (picks 7, 18)

Chris A. Relagation:  (picks 8, 17)

Mike Dwyer:  (picks 9,16)

Danny Higgins:  (picks 10,15)

Rich Calvario:  (picks 11,14)

Pat Carey:  (picks 12,13) 

Rosters - the 48

We lost Joe Brady, Peter Connolly, Kevin Boom Boom Burns, Joe Shelley, Kevin Maye, Billy Pilla, Brian Coyle

The new 7: John Gould, Pat Carey, Supersub Mike Goggin, Vito Denoia, Mike Castaldo, Adam Wein, Mike O'Hanlon

 We have a solid sub roster which will posted at a later date.

 2013/2014 Season Stats posted under handouts as well as Career numbers through 2012/2013.  

Dues: Same as last year --- $160





2/27/14:  World Series set - Astros representing the AL and the Padres representing the NL !

2/20/14:  League Championship Series scheduled for 2/26. 

Rockies / Padres in the NL (Rockies are home for games 1 and 3 (if necessary).

Angels / Astros in the AL (Angels are home for games 1 and 3 (if necessary)

2/19/14: AL Playoffs Tonight starting at 7:45pm.

2/19/14:  Regarding standings and stats ... regular seaon final stats are posted on the website.  The iscore site doesn't have an option to capture playoff stats only so playoff games are included in the running stats you see on the iscore website. 

2/4/14:  Regular Season Final Stats Attached (under handouts) - Bold and Dark Shade Category Leader, Top 5 in each category shaded.  Red font .. not so good.  

2/2/14:  NL Playoff Schedule.  The NL will take the stage on Wednesday, 2/12/14

1/31/14: My Site News - AL Seeds Updated

1/24/14:  Week 16 and Playoff Scenarios

AL:  Mariners at Astros, Tigers at Royals, Indians at Angels.    

Playoff Scenarios (W,L) - I did not do scenarios for Week 16 Ties

Mariners W, Tigers W, Indians W:  Mariners (1); Astros (2); Tigers (3); Indians (4)

Mariners W, Tigers W, Indians L: Angels (1); Mariners (2); Astros (3); Tigers (4) This was Incorrect: Angels (1);   coin flip b/n Mariners/Tigers determines (2) (3);  Astros (4)

Mariners W, Tigers L, Indians W:  Mariners (1); Astos (2); Indians (3); Angels/Tigers Play in Game for (4)

Mariners W, Tigers L, Indians L:  Angels (1); Mariners (2); Astros (3); Tigers (4)

Mariners L, Tigers W, Indians W:  Astros (1); Tigers (2); Indians (3), Angels (4)

Mariners L, Tigers W, Indians L:  Astros (1); Angels (2); Tigers (3); Mariners (4)

Mariners L, Tigers L, Indians W:  Astros (1); Indians (2); Angels (3); Mariners/Tigers Play in Game for (4)

Mariners L, Tigers L, Indians L:  Astros (1); Angels (2); coin flip b/n Mariners/Tigers determines (3); (4)

NL:  Cardinals at Rockies, Padres at Reds, Brewers at Dodgers

Playoff Scenarios (W,L) - I did not do scenarios for Week 16 Ties

Padres W, Brewers W:   Rockies (1); coins flip b/n Padres/Dodgers for (2); (3);  Brewers/Reds Play in Game for (4)

Padres W, Brewers L:  Rockies (1); Dodgers (2); Padres (3); Reds (4)

Padres L, Brewers  W:  Rockies (1); Dodgers (2); Reds (3); Padres (4)

Padres L, Brewers L:  Rockies (1); Dodgers (2); Reds (3); Padres (4) 

1/10/14:  Week 13 write ups complete.  Week 14 news under My Site News.  



Top 4 from each division make the playoffs.  Seed detemined by total points (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie).  Tie breakers for seeding:  head to head record then division record ... if still a tie, coin flip.  If there is a tie for the #4 seed (the last playoff spot) .. better head to head record gets the 4 seed.  If 1-1 in head to head, then 1 game playoff to determine the #4 seed.

For example ... if the AL were to end right now (after 12 games)

#1) Mariners (get home field for all games in best of 3 series) - Mariners have 14 points (tied with Astros) but are 1-0 versus the Astros in regular season play.

#2)  Astros - 14 points (home field game 1 and if necessary, game 3)

#3)  Indians - 13 points 

#4)  Angels (12 points) and Tigers (12 points) would play a 1 game playoff to get in since they are 1-1 against each other in the regular season. 

 Year End Awards:  We have decided not to do "Jerseys from China" this year.  Many of the companies we have used in the past have been shut down by the Justice Department.  Those that are "legally" operating are difficult to deal with (website names change weekly, you need to pay via money transfer (Western Union) and have no recourse if the funds disappear, etc)  We might revisit in 2015.  Besides, we are tired of Keto walking out of Red Rocks with 6 jerseys every year.  The NRWBL will have a little something for every player and will scale down the "prizes". 

12/30/13:  Week 11 & Week 10 write ups can be found by clicking on Schedules on the left hand side of the home screen, then click National League, then change the number of games to display to 15 ... click the game you want to view the write up.

Additional news items under My Site News.

Note:  Use the eteamz website for standings.  The iscore website has an issue and did not make the Brewers / Mariners game many weeks ago final.  Their IT group is working on it.  All stats were captured but not the final result.

12/30/13: CYO Hoops has the gym on 1/1/14 until 7:30pm so kids night is canceled and our games will be played at regular time.


Mid-Season Stats Attached Under Handouts. 

Several surveys posted under My Site News !. 

Games scheduled for 12/25/13 will be played Thursday, 12/26/13. 

12/2/13:  Website issues over the weekend.  Write-ups for the 11/27 games can be found by clicking on Schedules then click National League bringing you to the scores and links to the write ups.  Thanks to Kevin Hanlon for the hilarious announcing and congratulations to John Kearney and Danny Higgins for winning the door prize money.  Home run contest was a *** show with only 3 hitting a homer in round 1.  There should not have been a supplemental round, but we bent and spent another hour or so coming up with a 4th.  That 4th - Charlie Fausel - Ended up winning beating Cahill in the final round.  Clean up at 2am completed by small handful of people.  We need to do a better job with time management and cleaning up the gym.  Thanks.

Wednesday, November 27th:  Special Events

1)  Games broadcasted live by Mr. Kevin Hanlon

2)  Bring $20 - we will be doing a 50/50 and a home run hitting contest.  

3) Scroll to bottom for write-ups to last week's games.

Steve Castrello's video compilation via You Tube.  It is excellent.

2013 / 2014 Winter Season Live Scoring

Customer ID: wwf68x3ez5

 2013 / 2014 League and Team Websites

Password: mike123

On the league site you can view schedules, box scores, stats, etc.

Click the teams tab to open the individual team websites.  To log into each team website to edit the web page ...password is nrwbl.

 10/22: Update Career Stats Added to include Subs. 

Master Schedule Posted under Handouts !!!

Team Captains:  Weekly responsibilities for the equipment, keeping the book, and clean-up also posted on the schedule. 

10/10/13: Tigers announced today that Chris O'Neill was traded to the Astros for John Kearney and a pair of shorts with pockets.  Kearney was unavailable for comment as he was rescuing *** cats from trees. Indians GM Danny Higgins left the morning session despondent, unable to deal struggling left hander Brian Goggin.

 10/6/13: Draft Complete.  

See below for draft selections.

Several names consistently on the trading block. Trade rumors heard throughout the crowd, including:

Goggin for O'Neill; J Kearney for O'Neill; Grasso for O'Neill; Lopez for O'Neill; O'Riordan and Goggin for Devincenzo and O'Neill; Burns for Sidoti.

Pre-Season Trade deadline is 11pm, October 15.

Preseason Rank:

AL - (1) Mariners; (2) Royals; (3) Tigers; (4) Astros; (5) Indians; (6) Angels

NL - (1) Cardinals; (2) Padres; (3) Reds; (4) Dodgers; (5) Rockies; (6) Brewers

Team Name / Captain


Post Author Picture

2017 - 2018 Sub List

Posted by Michael Cahill at Oct 16, 2017 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

A Subs (Can sub for Captains and 1st Round Picks)

Charlie Fausel 914-980-5699 

Jeff Becker 845-548-9053 

Mike Dwyer 845-304-1849

John Howe 518-573-5743

Rich Calvario 914-262-2747

Steve Castrello 914-907-7701

Ray Pawlyk 845-642-4733 

Matt Sullivan 914-610-5595 

Anthony DiMarsico  


B Subs  (Can sub for 2nd and 3rd round picks)

Scott Murphy 845-893-3267 

Marcos Munoz 845-558-0634

Landy Rodriguez 845-825-2116

Sean Speigal 845-521-1472

Vinny Pastore 845-893-6876

Vinny Martorelli 845-548-0868 

John Gould 845-406-7169 

Dave Dwyer 845-216-2899 

Paul Altamonte 917-565-1768 

Matt Valenzano 201-274-4353 

Post Author Picture

2017-2018 NRWBL

Posted by Michael Cahill at Oct 12, 2017 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

2017-2018 Season 

40 players 10 teams (10 Captains), 150/pp due at the Draft 

5 AL teams, 5 NL Teams  

Draft: 9pm, Friday 10/20 at the Fireside 

Season Starts Thursday, 11/2 at 7:45pm

5 games per night (last year was 6 games per night); 13 week regular season plus 3 weeks of playoffs (Top Team in Each Division Gets a Bye, 2 seed and 3 seed play best of 3 to play 1 seed).  AL and NL Championships Best of 3; NRWBL Championship Best of 5

Your 10 Captains:  Daly, Chris Algozzino, Keto, Driscoll, Higgins, Kerr, Cahill, Chris Dwyer, Sidoti, Mike D

Draft Order:  (Example - Daly has picks 9, 12, and 5th pick in the last round).  Trading picks encouraged.

Daly (9,12) (5)  - AL

Chris (7,14) (7) - AL

Keto (5,16) (2) - AL 

Bobby (6,17) (4) -  NL

Higgins (3,18) (10) - AL

Kerr (8,13) (6) -  NL

Cahill (2,19) (1) - NL

C. Dwyer (4,17) (9) - NL

Sidoti (10,11) (3) - NL

Mike D (1,20) (8) - AL 

 Field of 30:  Lupica, John Kearney, Schuster, Mike Denoia, Vito Denoia, Brian Croyle, Mike Castaldo, Matt Devincenzo, Lenny, Reilly, Connolly, Our Monte, Woody, Justin Michalek, Gulezian, Snoop, O'Neil, Wein, Mogg, Junior, Grosso, JR Stewart, Mike O'Hanlon, Brian Goggin, Mike Hanlon,  Mike Murphy, Lieberman, Mike Goggin, Jimmy Monte, Joey Quinn. 



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Keto to the Hall

Posted by Michael Cahill at Dec 21, 2016 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Congratulations to Keith Finnerty for being inducted into the North Rockland Hall of Fame.  Induction ceremony is Saturday, January 28th at the Haverstraw Elks.  Tickets must be purchased ahead of time for $65.  See Mike Hanlon for tickets.  (Tickets will not be available at the door).  All guests get eyebrow trimmers.  Quite the run for Keto ... inducted into the RCC Hall with the 1993 Baseball Team a few years ago, inducted in the NR Hall last year with the Algozzino led 1992 team, hit his 100th career wiffle ball home run this year, has kept his shirt on the entire season so far... and now the NR Sports Hall Of Fame as an individual.  Read more about this interesting character by scrolling down the My Site News page towards the bottom for a special player profile.     image
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Trade Announced - O'Neill for O'Hanlon

Posted by Michael Cahill at Nov 20, 2016 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
The 1-4 Brewers have agreed to trade Chris O'Neill and his Man Girdle to the 1-4 Cubs for Mike O'Hanlon (that is the skinny Hanlon for those confused).  Some notes on the transaction .... Chris O'Neill was the 18th pick in the draft this year, hitting .308, and is itching to get on the pitching mound.  He is a career .319 hitter with an ERA of 5.56.  Michael O'Hanlon is hitting .250 with an ERA of 13.00.  He is your career walk leader with 102 base on balls through last season.  The skinny Hanlon is a career .357 hitter and has some home run pop despite his puny frame.  This trade make sense for both clubs.  For Kerr's Cubbies ... O'Neil and his large breasted boy toy Matt Valenzano are reunited and can travel together in their special vehicle from Kinnelon. O'Neil might see the mound now.   Kerr and O'Neil did win a championship together as a result of the worst trade in NRWBL history as Mike Cahill traded O'Neil for past Cy Young winner John Kearney.  For the Brewers ... Charlie Fausel has 3 pitchers already with Rip Sewell (aka Brian Croyle and his Eephus pitch), often injured old man DiMarsico, and Charlie himself.  The Brewers instantly improve their offense with the skinny Hanlon.  Good luck to both clubs.