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Create a Website in 4 Minutes or Less


TeamPages provides you with one place to easily post and share your teams’ schedules, photos, scores, and other important information in one central place. And all TeamPages can be password protected, keeping your information and members safe.


Easy Website Creation

Create a professional looking website in just a few minutes. With TeamPages making updates to your website literally just takes seconds. No HTML knowledge needed. Everything is point and click, drag and drop simple.


Celebrate Your Team’s Success

Post your latest game scores and results in seconds. And easily track player statistics and progress throughout the entire season. Don’t want to keep track of stats? No problem. Just simply turn off the stats section, like you can do with any section on TeamPages.


Make Your Website Your Own

Customizing the look and feel of your website is as easy as a click of your mouse. Want a website that looks like the Pros? Easy. Simply add a custom banner and background to your website in seconds. Need help designing one? Just give us a call and one our skilled designers will create one for you.


Create Unlimited Custom Pages & Links

Have more information you want to post on your website? Create unlimited custom content pages and links, which are as easy as using Microsoft Word or copying and pasting in a link. Custom Pages and Links are a great way to post and organize additional information like: "About Us", "Contact Information", "Tournament Information" and "Staff Bios" on your TeamPage.


Music, Slideshows, Team Stores…

When it comes to widgets, we've got you covered. With TeamPages, you can easily add team stores, music players, slideshows, polls, weather widgets, Twitter & Facebook feeds... the possibilities are endless!


Domains and Subdomains

Want your own domain name? Simple. You can either buy one from us at or use any other provider and we’ll point your domain name to your TeamPages team website. We also offer subdomains — — free.

Say Goodbye to Phone Trees and Communication Headaches


Our communication tools are specifically designed to help you spend less time doing paperwork and sending emails, and more time on the field, court, or ice doing what you love.


One Place for Contact Information

Find contact details for your entire roster in seconds, and allow parents and players to update and add more ways to keep in touch. List as much or as little information as you like.


Send SMS Text Message and Email Blasts

Have a last minute schedule change or update for your team? No worries. Just send out an SMS text message and email blast to your entire team letting them know about the change. Your team will love you for this one feature alone.


Post News & Announcements

Share the good news about your teams latest win with your team members and fans by posting a news or announcement on your homepage. All it takes is a few seconds and you can easily add photos and documents to each post. The best part is that each post can also be sent out as an email to all your members.


Bring Your Team Even Closer

With the team message board sharing tips, giving props to another teammate, arranging a carpool ride, or strategezing about an upcoming game is easy and fun. Who says the conversation has to stop the moment you get off the field, court, or ice. Keep the conversation and team building going online with TeamPages.

Who Says Managing a Team Should Be a Chore?


Let TeamPages do all the work for you and make your life easier. With automatic event reminders, Google Maps, calendar syncing, and attendance tracking, your members will always be up to date with all your scheduled games and events.


Automatic Event Reminders

Set automatic email and SMS text message reminders for your scheduled events that can be sent to your players and parents hours, days, or weeks in advance. This is a great way to ensure that your team members make the big game.


Know Who’s Coming

With attendance tracking you can see in advance who’s coming to your game or practice and track attendance over the entire season. Don’t need attendance tracking, simple turn it off, like you can do with almost any feature on TeamPages.


Sync Your TeamPages Calendar

One of the most loved features of our users. With TeamPages you can easily sync your team’s calendar with iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, and your Blackberry. Whenever a schedule change is made on TeamPages, your personal calendar will automatically be updated, always keeping you informed and up to date.


Location. Location. Location.

By simply putting in the street address and location of an event, TeamPages will automatically add a Google Map to your event page. Making it really easy for your team members and fans to find the locations to your events, ensuring that they can also show up on time and at the right place.

Easily Share Photos, Documents, & Videos With Your Team and Fans

Cloud Upload

Make this season one to remember. Capturing and sharing those special moments with pictures of videos takes only a few clicks with TeamPages. And important documents can be posted online on the website so they can always be found and accessed by your team members.


Unlimited Storage for Photos

With unlimited storage for photos, parents, team members, and fans can take and share as many pictures as they want. You can even attach files or pictures to news and announcements to make your website look like the Pros.


It’s Easy To Add Videos To Your Website

Capture and share highlight footage of your up and coming stars with video. Find and post tips and drill videos from Youtube and watch your entire team improve. Or post a motivational video to get your team pumped up and excited before your next big game.


Say Goodbye to Paper Documents

Tired of lost documents? Or constantly having to resend the same documents over and over again? Just post them to your team website where they can always be found and easily downloaded. With TeamPages you can upload as many documents as you’d like from Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Word Perfect, and PDF’s.


Get Sharing on Facebook & Twitter

TeamPages makes it easy to share the content you want to share on Facebook and Twitter. With a couple clicks you can now share news about your latest win or a great action shot with all your friends and fans on other social networks.

We’re Coaches & Team Managers Too


That’s why we understand how important is to keep your data and members safe with the option to password protect any page you like. We also take pride in providing great customer support as well where you can talk to a person instead of a machine.


TeamPages is Safe, Private, and Secure

You and your teams safety is important to us. With TeamPages you can make your team website as private or open as you want. Each one of your team members gets their own account and login password to be able to access the private areas of your website.


Friendly Customer Support

Have a question? Give one of our friendly customer support reps a call anytime on our 1 (800) number. Whether it’s providing an online tutorial or giving suggestions on how to improve your site, we’re always here to help. Don’t have any questions? Give us a call anyways, we love talking to our community, hearing about their successes and how we continue to make TeamPages better.


Be a Part of a Community

With over 50,000 teams, leagues, and clubs on TeamPages, our community is constantly growing. Have a question about coaching or need a new drill for practice, just add a post on one of our discussion forums and helpsite.


Always Get the Latest and Greatest

We love hearing suggestions from our community and pushing out new features every month. And each time we push out a new release you website automatically gets updated with the new bells and whistles. Have your own suggestions as to how we can get better? Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.