Winter (Masters)

Posted by Wascana Racing Canoe Club on Oct 07 2017 at 04:49PM PDT

Pool Paddling: (Downtown YMCA    

The aim of the pool paddling sessions is primarily to provide skill (technique) training (teaching). Specific paddling fitness will be will be maintained, but is the primary objective is the ‘discovering’ your best stroke style and mechanics.

*Conditioning: (Wascana – Canada Games Room) *
Strength and conditioning sessions are offered once a week with and led by a trained coach.
The training plan will include up to two additional workouts that can be performed
independently. Each Thursday paddlers will come together for a group training experience and to receive personal instruction and feedback. 

The specifics of the training plan are tailored to the needs of the participants and have the goal of building strong, fit and healthy paddlers ready to enjoy their enhanced paddling capacity in the spring.

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