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Why TeamPages is the right move

  1. Eliminate paperwork and headaches

    Players register online, removing the need to distribute and collect physical documents, and dramatically reducing errors.

  2. Simplify payment collection

    Stop handling checks and chasing down payments -- collect all the money up front using our optional payment feature.

    TeamPages takes a small fee of 2% on all payments processed through the TeamPages platform.

  3. Get going quickly

    It's a breeze to create your online registration forms and start registering players for a new season or an event.

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In an era where kids are anxious to find out more about what’s going on in their league and parents are looking to get all of their youth sports information in one place, TeamPages is an ideal solution. The great thing about the site for us is not only that our coaches, parents and players can find what they want to find when the want to find it, but rather that if we ever find something that we don’t know how to use on the site, the guys at the help desk are literally always available. TeamPages is our ideal solution.

Plus all these features to help you manage your league

Easy Site Builder

Create a new website for your team, club, or league in 4 minutes or less.

Professional Design

We offer a professional, flexible design so you don't have to pay someone to make one for you from scratch.

Registration & Payments

With TeamPages collecting registration information and payments online is a snap!

Schedules & Standings

Updating schedules, stats, news, photos & more only takes seconds.

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Send team members a FREE text message or email blast through TeamPages.

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We offer a toll free number and friendly support staff to help you all day long.

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