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Name: Derek Story
Birthday:May 11
Weight:230 lbs

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Address:407 - 1250 Homer Street
Home Number:1-800-500-7203 x2


I grew up playing almost every competitive sport under the sun; everything from baseball to football to competing in triathlons. Since then I found myself coaching youth baseball here in Victoria, playing soccer for my local club and working here at TeamPages.

Derek's Teams

1993 Blue Jays Logo 1993 Blue Jays Baseball  
Lambrick 2 - EJI Logo Lambrick 2 - EJI Baseball  
Lambrick Park Bantam A Logo Lambrick Park Bantam A Baseball  
Legends Logo Legends Baseball  
test Logo test Baseball  
BW Blazers U6—U10 Logo BW Blazers U6—U10 Skiing  
Derek's Team Logo Derek's Team Softball  
ACTIVE Warriors Logo ACTIVE Warriors Volleyball  

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Message Board

2013-01-08T09:15:45.000-08:00January 08 2013, at 09:15 AM PST, Steve Koh said:

Hi Derek,
to add fans and parents. Can I enable players to do that? Also, is there a way to do it via .csv file?

2011-09-27T09:31:27.000-07:00September 27 2011, at 09:31 AM PDT, Matthew Seeger said:

HIya Derek, I have a notification from you to be an adminastrator for VISL's Div 3B, being the score recorder for that division.
However when I go to click "accept" a box appears saying I cannot edit this, and then the notification remains unchanged.
In short it is not working . .any hints?

2008-05-22T13:49:37.000-07:00May 22 2008, at 01:49 PM PDT, Mike Tan said:

I was just checking to see if a confirmation is given when you invite someone to your roster. It's something we'll have to add in.

2008-04-03T14:20:17.000-07:00April 03 2008, at 02:20 PM PDT, Mike Tan said:

Derek, I'm at the hotel right now but they won't let me check in. Can you please ask Lesley to call the hotel asap to give me permission to check in and eventually get out to the conference.

2008-01-28T16:54:48.000-08:00January 28 2008, at 04:54 PM PST, Emily Cass said:

Great profile pic Derek! Who is your friend?

2008-01-09T19:38:00.000-08:00January 09 2008, at 07:38 PM PST, Mike Tan said:

Derek check out the new video on my profile. I think you might appreciate it.

2007-09-04T16:00:36.000-07:00September 04 2007, at 04:00 PM PDT, Mike Tan said:

Hey D-Rock,

Heard you showed Nik a good time. We just released our new version of TeamPages, with your calendar feature. Loved to hear what you think.


2007-07-31T16:28:36.000-07:00July 31 2007, at 04:28 PM PDT, Mike Tan said:

I just received my first order from the Thifty Foods website. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you!!! This will make my life so much easier. What a great idea. My fridge is now stocked with lots of healthy food.
I can already feel the difference.



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Fact Sheet

Favorite Sports Moment:
Joe Carter hitting world series winning homerun.
Sports Heroes:
Michael Jordan, Johnny Olerud, Mario Lemieux
Favorite Teams:
Toronto Blue Jays, Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs
Favorite Quotes:
"Baseball is 90% mental -- the other half is physical." - Yogi Berra
Favorite Jersey Number:

Sports Derek Plays

  • Baseball (Pitcher, Infielder)
  • Basketball (Forward)
  • Soccer (Midfielder)
  • Volleyball
  • [Other]
  • Archery
  • Ice Hockey
  • Dodgeball
  • Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey
  • Mountain Biking
  • Football
  • Multi-Sport
  • Softball
  • Rowing
  • Golf
  • Fastpitch
  • Cricket

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College/University University of Victoria
High School Lambrick Park Secondary School